Penguins on Ice

Penguins on Ice

There are times when I really feel sorry for Monkey that he’s an only child.  It makes learning to share that much more tricky, and playing games with adults isn’t always such good fun, especially board games.  Well Penguins on Ice from Smart Games has come to our rescue recently.  Aimed at anyone aged 6 years and over, it’s rather addictive and is designed to be played by a single player.

Penguins on Ice

Penguins on Ice is a puzzle game, supplied with a base, 5 puzzle pieces, instructions and an elastic storage strap.  You need to fit the pieces in into the base in a specific way to complete the various puzzle challenges. There are 60 different challenges to be completed with varying levels of difficulty.

Monkey sometimes find board games challenges and Penguins on Ice removes a lot of the issues as he is just playing against himself, working on his logic and planning skills as well as improving both his spatial and visual perception.

When you first look at this game, you wonder how on earth there can be 60 different challenges to complete, that is, until you realise that the pieces slide, giving you the variations.

As I mentioned earlier there are different levels of difficulty available, from Starter through to Master, making Penguins on Ice a game that Monkey can grow with and enjoy for years to come.  Work out where the penguins need to sit on the ice-flow to crack each puzzle.  There is only one solution to each challenge and if you get really stuck, the answers are shown in the back of the instruction booklet.

Monkey’s working his way through the Starter and Junior levels at the moment and he’s been really enjoying the challenge that this game gives him.

Penguins on Ice

There has been a little bit of frustration in the beginning when pieces wouldn’t fit exactly as he had in mind.  But he’s starting to understand that this is a puzzle game that needs thought and planning.  The constructor in him is winning through.

Penguins on Ice

I’m always on the look out for good ‘travel’ games these days, something that will keep Monkey amused both in the car and in aeroplanes.  Penguins on Ice really fits the bill.  The game comes with an elastic strap which holds the puzzle together for storage and the tray means it’s an easy game to be played on a lap or on a tray table.  I can certainly see this game coming on holiday with us.  It’s also quite addictive for the older members of the family too!

It’s our first experience of Smart Games and they really live up to the name.  You really do have to think about where you place the pieces, where the penguin sits on certain puzzle elements.  Each game is different and you can revisit games as often as you like.  The game is well made and will withstand plenty of play too.  Priced at £19.99, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.  If you are looking for something a little different, then this game could be the answer.

disclaimer: we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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