Learning About Baby Sight with Vision Direct

As I prepare to take Monkey for his first eye test later this week, it’s given me a moment to think about how his sight has progressed over the last six years.  I can remember a few years ago being convinced that he had a colour blind issue.  Monkey would consistently tell me that green was red.  We kept an eye on things during his year in Nursery School and I’d even inquired about testing (too young).  Thankfully it seems to have been a phase, rather than a permanent issue, but I’ll be raising the issue with the opticians on Friday, just to be sure.  His baby days seem so long ago, the days of only seeing things in black and white and close up. Learning about Baby Sight with Vision Direct has taken me right back.  They have a new interactive tool to help parents how their child’s eyesight develops during that crucial first year.

Learning About Baby Sight with Vision Direct

Buy moving the tracker and inputting your child’s age you can get a really clear insight into what your child can actually see as their sight develops in the first twelve months.  It’s quite fascinating. It makes you think about focusing and colours in general and at what stage babies can track objects in front of them.

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