Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack from the Forestry Commission

Monkey is going on a school trip to Salcey Forest today, to explore the Stick Man Trail. the weather threw a bit of a spanner in the arrangements as they should have gone yesterday. But fingers crossed for friendlier weather today so that he and his friends can have some fun. They have a Julia Donaldson theme in Year One this half term so the trail fits perfectly for them to have an outdoors adventure.  They’re also be making use of the free Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack from the Forestry Commission which I passed on recently.

Gruffalo Teachers Pack from the Forestry Commission

The Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack from the Forestry Commission are specifically aimed at children in Early Years through to Key Stage 1 settings.  With the aim to get youngsters out in the fresh air, enjoying the natural world around them.  The packs could also be used in a home schooling environment, and I’m certainly going to be incorporating some of the activities into our own family adventures in the months to come.

Gruffalo Teachers Pack from the Forestry Commission

The packs are available as a free download and feature the much loved Gruffalo character, which happens to be a real favourite here. As you all know, we love our outdoors adventures and I’m really keen to encourage learning through play.  I have no teaching experience and education is a very different world to the one I remember from my own childhood.  Whilst I was happy to spend my life in a book, I can see that Monkey will definitely respond better to practical learning.  The Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack is a great resource containing 44 information packed pages.

Gruffalo Teachers Pack from the Forestry Commission

From exploring geographical features and map making, making instruments from items found on the forest floor, through to learning more about wildlife, the Teachers Pack is full of guides, information and ideas to stimulate learning outdoors.

Whilst you are reading this post I’ll be off on a Stick Man Trail adventure with Monkey and his class, enjoying the outdoors and hopefully learning about nature too.  I’m really pleased that we’ll be able to make use of the resources within the Gruffalo Teacher’s Pack from the Forestry Commission too.

Feel free to pass on the link to your local school too, it’s totally free!

disclaimer:  we were given a lovely Gruffalo themed goody bag in exchange for this post, but I’d have written about it anyway.  It’s a great idea and I hope your children can benefit from it too.


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  1. I love the Gruffalo teachers pack. We love outdoors and we want our children to be curios about the outside world. When we are outside we feel alive. We can create and let ourselves go. We love observing nature and drawing in our nature journals. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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