Easter Goody Bag from Hotel Chocolat

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat

Being surrounded by chocoholics you can visibly see the excitement levels mounting as we get nearer to the end of the month.  We will be celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat and their wonderful selection of quality chocolates.  We opted for their Easter Goody Bag as it comes with a selection of treats for all the family.

Easter Goody Bag from Hotel Chocolat

The Easter Good Bag is priced at £18.00, contains a selection of delicious chocolates and is delivered in an attractive gift bag.

The Salted Caramel Slab has my name written through it, but it looks like there will be no arguing over the Trio of Scrambled Pralines – one each – yum!

The Bag of Raspberry Egglets are going to be used for our family Easter Egg Hunt over the holidays.  There are 8 in a bag so we will all get to sample a few of these chocolate delights. They are made from pressed raspberries, blended with white chocolate, then covered in ‘Supermilk’ chocolate!

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat

Monkey has already laid claim to the Hop! – Milk Chocolate Bunnies.  You get three in a pack and apparently they are very nice.

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat

We’ll be celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat and the Caramel City Bunny pack is a family favourite, with 6 bunnies to choose from, we all get an equal share of these melt in the mouth caramel filled chocolates.

Hotel Chocolat produce really wonderful chocolates, full of flavour, with lovely details. Whether for presents or for a little self-indulgence you really can’t go wrong.  If you are looking for inspiration, pop over to the Hotel Chocolat website for some ideas this Easter. Order before 22nd March to ensure your chocolate treats arrive before Easter.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.


Now I couldn’t really show you all these lovely chocolates and not share some around could I! I have a lovely Easter themed Hotel Chocolat bundle to offer one lucky reader, consisting of a Big City Easter Bunny and Eggs on Parade – total value £14.50.  Just complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win this chocolate delight!

Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat


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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them directly.  If the winner does not reply before 22nd March 2016 then Easter delivery cannot be guaranteed!

The giveaway will close on 17th March 2016 at midnight.

Hotel Chocolat Easter bundle worth £14.50


569 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter with Hotel Chocolat

  1. I’ll have to share with my kids ….. unless …….. I hide it REALLY well …… and only get it out after bedtime ! Hee Hee XX

  2. I would definitely share it with my mum. She’s had a tough time recently and i’ve been doing my dissertation so would be great to have a movie night with some choc!!

  3. If I was lucky enough to win this yummy prize, I’d share with my children. Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter. xx

  4. I’d like to keep it for myself but I don’t think I could so it would be shared with my husband with our evening cup of coffee

  5. I will share it with my hubby but we will have to eat it in secret as chocolate is bad for dogs and ours is very greedy

  6. I would share with my husband and our niece 🙂 Fantastic #competition 🙂 Would love to win! Thank you ever so much.

  7. I’d be sharing it with my Mum and brothers, who I’ll be going home to see this Easter! I’d probably only get a slither myself!

  8. I would like to say I would share it with my husband and children but I am afraid I would not be able to resist the temptation to devour it all before the get home.

  9. I’d no doubt end up sharing it with my 3 children (although I may have to sit in the cupboard with the bunny in the vain hope of getting a mouthful to myself before he gets sniffed out by the toddlers…..)

  10. Do I have to share? 😉
    Actually I would give a bit to everyone. those chocolates are so good it would be a crime not to share them!

  11. I don’t think I would have a choice but to share with my fiance 😛 whenever I have chocolate in the house it always seems to disappear. 🙂 x

  12. I’d like to say I would share it with my husband but what usually happens with chocolate is that he’ll feel like having some choccies and then he’ll share them with me…

  13. I’d be sharing with my grandchildren,I’ve eight,soon to be nine,so it can become quite expensive at Easter.In saying that,it does look so delicious and Hotel Chocolat is perhaps more for an adult taste that I may share with my husband and buy other chocolate eggs for my grandchildren,is that mean ?

  14. Deep down I’d want to eat it at night time when my daughters are in bed but I’d feel bad so I’d share with my daughters haha xxx

  15. I’ll be secretly sharing it with my other half, whilst we are hiding away from the kids. About time i got some chocolate to myself x

  16. My daughter, my husband is at work on Easter Sunday so I don’t think he’ll have any luck – there’ll be none left by the time he gets home 🙂

  17. So scrummy 😉 I would share with my other half. We rarely have chocolate in are household. But this would be a lovely treat

  18. I would share with my boyfriend! We have agreed not to buy easter bits for each other, so this would be amazing to win

  19. Share??! I’m 7months pregnant, this chocolate would be all mine! Unless my 2 year old catches me eating it when I’d have to share ….

  20. I might share with my husband if he is lucky, but have given up chocolate for Lent, so likely to eat it all myself! 🙂

  21. I’d reluctantly share with my husband and son, however as I’ve already bought their eggs, I can legitimately claim most of it for myself.

  22. I have to share?! Oh well, in that case I suppose my mum and dad deserve some. My dad is working very hard being my mum’s carer and they could both do with a treat.

  23. My loving and wonderful family, as reward for all their emotional support. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them 🙂

  24. I would share this fantastic easter bundle with all of the family, my little niece would especially love this easter treat fingers crossed:)

  25. Our next door neighbour who works very hard as a nurse but will help us when we need it (especially if it’s PC related) and will not take anything for his time – he just says “that’s what neighbours are for”. But he loves chocolate so deserves a treat. Thanks for the chance.

  26. i would share with myself!! i recently stashed some heston blumentine choc that i had given from waitrose and the family found them and enjoyed them much more than me ! i need a safer place 😉

  27. I would share with Hubby for years he never ate Chocolate as he thought it gave him headaches but realised it was Stress so now he beats me to the Chocies

  28. I would give the bunny to my son as he loved sharing my Hotel chocolat gingerbread men chocolates at christmas (hes got good taste) and the egglets are my favourite so I will keep those!

  29. I will share with all my dinner lady colleagues as they need something to keep them going. Hotel Chocolat will certainly do the trick

  30. My sister. She is very ill at the with Parkinson’s and lung enphasemia and needs something to cheer her up. She loves chocolate.

  31. share?? share and chocolate in the same sentence?? whut???

    Nah i’d share with my sis and my niece and nephew – I am a pretty mean aunty they dont get any chocolate off me for Easter instead I buy them a new item of clothing and a small toy/book/game to share so they would prob be quite happy if I won and they got some choccy this year lol

  32. Although I may want to eat it all by myself I would not get away with it! Would have to share with my 3 children and my husband.

  33. I would share this gorgeous hamper with my little boy its his first real Easter that he knows whats happening, he has been happily painting real eggs and doing some traditional crafting we love chocolate so this would be one special chocolate Easter Treat for us to devour

  34. I am a bit of a Hotel Chocolate super fan and although I would love to say ‘my best friend’ or ‘my daughter’ or ‘my granddaughter’, but in all honesty I would actually only be sharing it with anyone who has enough strength and brazen effrontery to try and prevent me from eating it all myself.

  35. I would share these with my 3 kids . We all love chocolate (especially me) so this would be a great easter treat

  36. I would share with my son and family whom I will be spending Easter with. With a daughter-in-law who loves fine chocolate like myself, two little granddaughters who would love the bunnies and a son who will eat any chocolate within his sight, there really would be something for everybody.

  37. I would run off with the prize but unfortunately would be hunted down mercilessly by my wife and kids so sharing with them would be obligatory

  38. I’d share with my two children who love chocolate as much as I do! My husband probably won’t get a chance to share, it’ll be gone!

  39. With my lovely parents, of course! They love chocolate almost as much as I do, and it’s a little thank you for everything that they’ve done for me over the last year!

  40. I will be sharing with my husband and daughter, probably parents too and anyone who calls! Think we all love Easter chocolates. xx

  41. i would let my 4 children share this lovely treat as they dont get much chocolate treats through the year so this would be a lovely change for them

  42. Share – you mean it’s not just for the prizewinner?! No, seriously, I would share with my husband and my four children and, any that is left, my daughter can take back to share with her university flatmates. Great comp.

  43. I would be sharing with my partner he’s a bit of a chocoholic but he doesn’t like to admit to it so he would love this!

  44. I’ve just started a new job, so I’d take to share with my new workmates (a bit of bribery goes a long way!)

  45. Share??? You mean I have to share it lol… I guess I would have to share it with my husband and our three grown up kiddies. hmmm maybe…

  46. I would share with my hubby Tim it works fantastic… i love dark chocc he loves white and we meet in the middle with milk choc

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