Blokpod Lego Storage system

Blokpod Lego Storage system

We love Lego here.  I’m sure most people do.  It’s a world of imaginative play that I’ve loved since childhood and Monkey is certainly hooked on it.  The Duplo of his toddler days is still lingering in the background, but more and more it’s the Lego that he’s concentrating on.  That’s wonderful, but where do you store it all?  I’ve got boxes everywhere.  We really were in need of some organisational help when we recently discovered the Blokpod Lego Storage system.

Blokpod Lego Storage system

The Blokpod Lego Storage system comes in clear hard plastic, and it has a 15 year guarantee.  I’m always a little concerned about this type of plastic as experience tells me it’s more likely to crack, so it’s good to know that the company have confidence that it won’t with this lengthy guarantee in place.  The Blokpod is designed to be used by anyone over the age of 4 years.

The unit stand at 43 cms high, with a diameter of 26 cms and has 4 chambers with 3 removable grid ‘filters’ with different sized holes to allow you to sort your Lego pieces by size.  The different chambers can also be removed, although I’ve found these twist joints and the lids very tight and quite hard to turn.


A child would certainly struggle, but this could just be an issue when you start using it? The lids have certainly become easier, the sections are still a struggle.

Blokpod Lego Storage system

I love the concept of this product, the clear plastic makes it really visual for my 6 year old to see his Lego pieces and the unit should hold around 2000 bricks. With the Blokpod you pour your Lego pieces into the top section and gently shake the unit to let the pieces filter through the grids.  The smallest pieces ending up in the bottom section and so on, until only the larger pieces, base plates etc are held in the top section. I’ve found that as the units get fuller, more shaking is obviously required to be able filter effectively and have taken the unit apart to move pieces through the middle sections more effectively.

Blokpod Lego Storage system

There is a part of me that would love to see Monkey’s Lego sorted by colour, but he’s much happier with this idea.  I’m not 100% convinced with the filtering but I have been super impressed with the amount of Lego the Blokpod units can hold.  We were sent two of these units and Monkey and I have emptied all of his Lego into them (except the Lego City Construction Site sets and my beloved Ferrari F1 set of course) and there’s still room for more.

Blokpod Lego Storage system

We can see what Lego we’ve got far more easily in these units than in the multitude of containers we’ve previously been using.

If you have more than one unit, you can take the lid off and stack more sections together. As the grids are removable you could change their order around or remove them totally if you wanted one larger storage box, without the sorting option.

We’ll be making really good use of our Blokpod Lego Storage System in the years to come. I can’t get away from one niggle though and that’s the price.  These units have recently been reduced to £34.99 each, but I do wonder how well that price will stack up against cheaper storage solutions.  I would say we have an average amount of Lego for one child and we’re using two of the Blokpod units.  I like them, but in my heart they still seem overpriced to me.  I have included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you’d like to try out the Blokpod for yourself

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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