Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

There are a number of things I miss about Monkey being at school, one of them being our weekly wait for the arrival of the dustbin lorry.  He’d get so excited when he’d hear it reversing down our road and we’d always have to stand on the doorstep watching the dustbin men at work.  They’d always stop to talk to him and wave and toot as they drove away.  When Monkey went to school full time, I used to see the bin men coming and get a little sad.  A chapter in Monkey’s life had closed, but not his interest in rubbish!  Where Do Garbage Trucks Go? was always going to be a hit in this house.

Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

Where Do Garbage Trucks Go? is written by Benjamin Richmond and published by Sterling Books.  The 32 page hardback book is full of useful facts and figures about rubbish and recycling as well as graphical illustrations.  Although the book is written with an American reader in mind, it is still really relevant to children across the globe.  Monkey has certainly been riveted as we’ve read the book together.

Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

We were both fascinated to see photos of a New York street before and after sanitation.  It led to lots of conversations about the town where we live, and what the roads would have looked like in days gone by.  Monkey was quite fascinated to learn that at one time no one collected the rubbish at all.

We try to do our best to recycle as much as we can here and Monkey has known for a long time, which items need to go in which bins here.  He’s also used to seeing me take bottles to the bottle bank, and when we’re in Spain, he’s always eager to help Gramps with the bin trips. The book is great at explaining how recycling works and how anything from glass to water can be recycled.

We have food waste collections here and really I should sort a composting area in the garden as our soil is terrible.  Where Do Garbage Trucks Go? even covers composting and the best way to layer food and garden waste.

Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

For £4.99 (paperback version) I think this is a really excellent book to teach children about being more thoughtful about what they throw away.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure: we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review


I know that Monkey isn’t the only rubbish truck obsessed child out there, so I have 3 copies of this book to giveaway!  Enter the Gleam form below for your chance to win.


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Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

96 thoughts on “Where Do Garbage Trucks Go?

  1. I totally feel the same way, my daughter is the same as soon as she’d hear the garbage truck coming or the recycling truck, she would run to the window in awe. And would always ask lots of questions. She too has started reception so when I hear the garbage truck now I do miss her enthusiasm. We are fortunate that the recycling truck comes in the evening so on some days she gets to see them. Many thanks for running this lovely giveaway. She would so love this book.

  2. My two sons love diggers – there are some diggers working close by on the metro line and they are fascinated watching them scoop up the gravel to move it around! My girls love our local ice cream van, which is pink! When I was little I was scared of road sweepers and would literally run the other way if I saw one. I still feel uncomfortable when I see one but try to be brave, especially if my children are with me. Funny how some tings stick from childhood! Oh and my little nephew is obsessed with wheely bins and will watch the garbage truck men empty the wheely bins into the truck evey week! My sister thought it was the garbage van that he is obsessed over but he says he likes to see the wheely bins in lines!

  3. Road sweepers have always been my sons vehicle of choice. They are quite taken by them! We had the road sweeper from Bob the builder and trash pack xx

  4. My son has been obsessed with rubbish trucks, road sweepers and lawn mowers from a very young age. Likes to watch them go round

  5. Trains. Loves Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I think it was with his first gift of the toys. He probably was keen initially due to the name, as his favourite uncle is called Thomas.

    1. My son is obsessed with all vehicles! His favourites are trains, followed by diggers and tractors.

  6. My son loves diggers – we had a building site near our house and he knew all the digger drivers as we watched them every day. Sadly, they have now finished building…

  7. our little chap loves all types of vehicles and machinery, he loves anything with wheels! he has a real soft spot for tractors

  8. my little brother, Christopher (aged just 3) is obsessed with trains. He like toy trains, riding on real trains, watching trains on you-tube, (he knows what the are before I can even make them out coming up the track!!) he loves thomas the tank engine….. I dont know what it is about them but he certainly loves them xx

  9. they love motorbikes ‘cos grandad has got a Goldwing . . . . they love sitting on it pretending to ride it vroom vroom

  10. my toddler daughters love aeroplanes, they like the ‘smoke patterns’ they leave in the sky 🙂

  11. My daughter loves Fire Engines, she has been obsessed with them ever since she waved at one and all the firemen waved back.

  12. My youngest grandson loves anything with wheels. He spends hours lining them up and you rarely see him without a vehicle in his hand (or in each hand!)

  13. My daughter likes fire engines. Every time we see one, she likes to wave at the firemen.

  14. my son harry loves formula one cars at the moment, he’s crazy about all vehicles but these are his favourite

  15. My youngest son loves all vehicles. His favourite is probably trains. He knows everything about them. His brother is not interested in vehicles at all!

  16. My youngest is obsessed with ALL vehicles! His favourite at the moment are car transporters and cranes 😀

  17. My little fella is obsessed with Police cars, ambulances and fire engines or ‘Nee-Nors’ as he likes to call them. He’s forever pointing them out when he’s in his pushchair and they are amongst his favourite toys…I think it’s because they are so loud 😉

  18. All of them. My daughter loves vehicles. We currently have diggers and trucks building near the front of our house, which thrills her. She always points out buses, trains, planes, police cars, and ambulances (which she sometimes calls police cars). I really can’t say what her favorite would be.

  19. Tractors and bin trucks, we love Tuesday’s as we get to see the bin truck right outside our house!

  20. Motor cycles and tractors have been favourites for the past 12 months-I’d say it’s the noises they make

  21. My son is obsessed with any kind of construction vehicle. We live in a new build village that is still unfinished so we see a lot of diggers and lorries about. My sons loves spotting them all.

  22. My little girl is obsessed with bikes as my husband is a keen cyclist. She’ll be getting her first one for her birthday next month.

  23. VW beetles and camper vans as her dad is mad on them and we have an old 1970’s beetle

  24. Cars, lorries you name it anything that moves but obsessed at the moment with touring car driver Gordon “Flash” Sheddon

  25. My son loves police cars – he wants to be a policeman when he gets older!!

  26. Buses, especially double deckers and trains! He gets so excited to see a train go past!

  27. My son likes fire engines – especially if their lights and sirens are on. I think this has stemmed from loving Fireman Sam.

  28. My son loves bin trucks, his grandad works on one so he’s always loved them.

  29. My little boy loves fire engines purely because of Fireman Sam! He is constantly running round the house going ‘Nee Naw Nee Naw’ and then the occasional ‘Call fireman sam!’.

  30. Definitely bin lorries. I usually have to run down the road with my kids if we’ve missed them out of the window….
    At least I get some exercise!!!

  31. My daughter loves trains. Probably because we were using them a lot before we moved to different place.

  32. My sons love tractors and any emergency vehicle. I think they like the lights and sounds on them 🙂

  33. My Daughter loves tractors – especially green ones as that is her favourite colour.

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