Springtime fun at the Manor

Springtime fun at the Manor #CountryKids

Monkey and I had had a fairly busy week last week so I had no plans for last Saturday.  It was going to be a ‘suck it and see’ kind of day, but when we woke up, the sun was out and it seemed sensible to get outside and enjoy it whilst we could.  I gave Monkey some suggestions and he decided it was time for some Springtime fun at the Manor, Waddesdon Manor to be precise.

Springtime fun at the Manor

If you read the blog regularly, you’ll know that Waddesdon Manor is one of our favourite local haunts.  We are so lucky to have a range of lovely places to explore within 20 minutes of home.  We arrived bright and early, and the shuttle bus gives you the option to alight at the drive to the Manor House or to carry on to The Stables with its cafe and playground area.  Monkey decided that his first port of call would be the playground.  Good call, it was deserted, and he loved every moment of having the space to himself.

Springtime fun at the Manor

The joy of returned somewhere again and again over a number of years, is seeing exactly how Monkey’s confidence is growing with each visit.  I know I keep going on about it, but it’s amazing to see how much his self belief has grown this last year.  All of a sudden he’s climbing things, trying things, and then squealing with delight when he realises how much extra fun can be had.  This boy never used to climb anything! Mummy look at me!

Springtime fun at the Manor

It’s really wonderful to witness, it really is.

There are a number of different play areas winding up a path, heading back to the main house, all for different ages.

There is a huge slide, and Monkey’s now old enough to go down it, but he’s still not quite got the confidence.  But he did go and investigate it before making a final decision, so that’s progress in itself.

Once he was all played out, it was time to visit the gardens to really see enjoy some Springtime fun at the Manor.

Springtime fun at the Manor

The last time we were at Waddesdon Manor the statues were still under the cover, the fountains were drained and the flowerbeds were bare.

Springtime fun at the Manor

What a difference.

Springtime fun at the Manor

Monkey couldn’t wait to explore – he was off.

Springtime fun at the Manor

Monkey loves the fountains and he was so pleased to see them flowing with water once again.

Springtime fun at the Manor

We both thought the colourful flowerbeds were just wonderful.

Perfect for running around having a game of hide and seek.

Springtime fun at the Manor

Whilst looking up to admire the wonderful architecture of Waddesdon Manor I spotted a rather beautiful site.  We are blessed in this part of the country with an abundance of Red Kites.  I often see them flying from my kitchen window, and here there were more, soaring overhead to wish us well.

Red Kite

No visit to Waddesdon Manor at any time of year is complete for us without a visit to the Aviary to check that the birds haven’t escaped. It goes without saying that if you happen to pass a muddy puddle along the way, you are honour bound to wade in to check the depth.

Springtime fun at the Manor

A quick inspection of the Aviary and a head count of the inhabitants allayed any fears of any escapees.  The trees were calling though, and where there are trees, there may well be sticks.

Springtime fun at the Manor

Our Springtime fun at the Manor was finished off with some miniature den building / camp fire construction.

Time to walk back to the shuttle bus, we’d had a few hours of springtime fun at the Manor, and I know we’ll be back again soon.

Have you been out and about lately?

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5 thoughts on “Springtime fun at the Manor #CountryKids

  1. I haven’t been to Waddesdon Manor for years. It used to not allow under 12s into the Manor, so I got to know the grounds pretty well, waiting for the adults to finish. Do they still have that limit? Hope the birds had not escaped, and I absolutely love the photo of the bird. #CountryKids

  2. How great to live so close to Waddesdon Manor so that you can pop along easily and see it change over the seasons. Also great spot on the Red Kite eagle 🙂 #countrykids

  3. Mary you know how much I adore seeing your photos from Waddesdon Manor it really takes me back to my own childhood. How wonderful to see monkey growing in confidence now and happy to run ahead and explore alone. I do wish they had that lovely play area when I used to visit it looks so much fun. I’m betting monkey will be on that big slide by the next time you go. Thank you for sharing a wonderful impromptu visit with me on #CountryKids.

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