The Little Girl who lost her Voice

I always feel that we as a nation are rather lax when it comes to learning languages. Having worked in Export for most of my adult life, my rather poor French and German skills left a lot to be desired.  I would be so embarrassed when people would apologise for their standard of English, when in truth I could barely speak a word of Danish, Arabic or Russian.  With my parents living in Spain I’d really like Monkey to be more fluent in foreign languages from an early age.  It’s a struggle to fit it all in, I do so wish he was learning Spanish at school now in preference in French.  The team at One Third Stories is looking to introduce children to foreign languages by gently introducing words throughout a story.  We were sent a snippet of The Little Girl who lost her Voice which is currently being developed.

The Little Girl who lost her Voice

The story of The Little Girl who lost her Voice sees a little girl trying to regain her voice with the help of her cat.  The story introduces words of Spanish which are highlighted on bold.  I think it would be helpful if there was a phonetic pronunciation in brackets to guide children and probably and explanation in English too.

The Little Girl who lost her Voice

My Spanish is good enough to be able to explain what each word and phrase means to Monkey, but others may not.  But overall I like the idea behind The Little Girl who lost her Voice.  As I mentioned earlier, this book is work in progress and the team at One Third Stories are looking for children to decide what happens to the little girl and what adventures she will have as she tries to reclaim her voice.

By popping over to the One Third Stories website you can post your entry and be part of the adventure yourself.  You can also download a free audiobook too!  Do your children fancy themselves as a writer or illustrator, if they do, then this opportunity could be for them.

disclosure:  we were sent the first part of this book in exchange for this review, I think it’s a great idea and am happy to promote.

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