Ever So series makeover

Ever So series makeover

You may remember that we’ve previously reviewed Miss Dorothy-Jane was ever so Vain and Daniel O’Dowd was ever so Loud, for Maverick Books.  Well this Spring brings the Ever So series makeover.  The four existing books in the series have been re-titled and have lovely new book covers.  We can also enjoy the latest installment in the series, Bossy Jonathan Fossy.

Ever So series makeover

The five books in the Ever So series makeover are Greedy Mrs MacCready, Loud Daniel O’Dowd, Vain Dorothy-Jane, Nosy Tabitha Posy and Bossy Jonathan Fossy.  All are written by Julie Fulton and illustrated by either Jona Jung or Elina Ellis.

Bossy Jonathan Fossy wasn’t particular pleasant, he bossed everyone about, and it gets to the point where PC Moran has had enough.  A plan is hatched to give Jonathan a taste of his own medicine.

Ever So series makeover

Will he learn his lesson?

Nosy Tabitha Posy is always asking questions, she just can’t help but pry into everyone’s business. But on a trip to the zoo, her nosiness might have taken her a step too far.

Ever So series makeover

Will she become the tiger’s lunch?

By clicking the links you can read my reviews on Loud Daniel O’Dowd and Vain Dorothy-Jane.

Mrs MacCready is ever so greedy, she eats everything she sees, even fruit with worms inside! She ate and ate, and got bigger and bigger.

Ever So series makeover

An appeal is sent out as nothing fits her any more.  Clothes arrive in all shapes and sizes, but what will happen to Mrs MacCready?

The Ever So series books all have a message behind them, and the stories are full of humour, to keep children amused.

Priced at £6.99 each, you can actually buy the five books together as a book bundle for £9.99 at the moment – bargain! I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your information.

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