Build a Beetle

We’re off to Portugal in a couple of weeks, and will be meeting up with Granny and Gramps, who will be driving over from their home in Spain.  As regular readers of the blog will know, ‘Guru Gramps’ is a bug hunter, and Monkey is following in his footsteps.  When I looked at the new range of Mini Games available from Orchard Toys, I spotted the perfect game to keep Grandfather and Grandson entertained on our holiday!  Let me introduce you to Build a Beetle, one of the 6 new games launched earlier this month, perfectly sized for holidays.

Build a Beetle

Build a Beetle is aimed at children aged 4-8 years and can be enjoyed by 2-4 players (although Monkey has changed the rules so he can play by himself too).  The game is the perfect size to pop in a cabin case, handbag or suitcase and will be keeping Monkey entertained in the weeks to come.

The game comes with a set of 4, nine piece, double-sided beetles in varying colours and a spinner board (plastic spinner needs assembly).

There are two ways to play Build a Beetle, including a quick play option for younger children.  The idea of both options is to be the first place to build their own beetle.

Place all the beetle parts number side up in the centre of play.

Build a Beetle

The first player to spin a 6 starts the game and they pick one of the coloured beetle body parts (numbered 6).  Once they’ve picked their beetle body, they place it picture side up in front of them.

Build a Beetle

Play then passes, and each player takes it in turn to assemble their beetle by spinning the relevant numbers required.  The first person to Build a Beetle is the winner.

Build a Beetle

Number recognition, hand eye coordination, observation and problem solving skills are all used in this little mini game.

Build a Beetle

We’ve played this game together, and Monkey also really enjoys playing this by himself. He forgoes the spinner and just tries to work out where each piece goes.

Build a Beetle

It makes Build a Beetle the perfect holiday game for us, it’s simple to play, quick to complete and fun too.

Priced at £4.99 Build a Beetle and the other Mini Games series can be purchased directly from Orchard Toys, through online retailers such as Amazon and in all good toy stores.

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  1. What a great game, we have a 3d game similar where you have plastic pieces to add to your beetle according to the roll of the dice. The kids love it and I always take it with us to restaurants etc to keep them entertained.

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