Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

Before Monkey started school we used to bake in the kitchen together a lot.  When an opportunity came our way recently, I realised that somewhere along the line our baking together had become a rarity.  That made me rather sad, and was something I was determined to remedy.  So last week, we finally had an afternoon with no homework, no activities and frankly an afternoon where we just needed to spend some time together without the TV interfering!  Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club and it was just what was needed to cheer us both up after a night with little sleep.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

BKD are a London-based company who offer baking parties for children within the capital, as well as baking kits for children which are available to purchase online.  The BKD Mini Bakers Club is a subscription service, each month a new box arrives through your letterbox including a baking mix, recipes as well as craft ideas and stickers.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

The boxes are slightly too wide to fit through our letterbox, but I would imagine that that’s the idea.  I have to be honest and say that we received two boxes, and in both cases the baking mix bag had split.  With the first bag, the mix was everywhere, the second was only a small split so things were salvageable.  I’ve checked with both BKD and other bloggers and it seems we’ve just been unlucky.  But as the bag had split in different places on our deliveries, maybe the seals of the bags needs strengthening.

But leaving that issue to one side, in your box you receive a personalised message, listing the contents of the box, along with somewhere to write and draw.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

Now Monkey wasn’t in the mood for filling in forms, he wanted to get straight down to business, he’d heard the word Gingerbread and he’d got his apron on before I could sort out the ingredients.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

For this project we needed to provide unsalted butter, golden syrup and cookie cutters.  I think it would have been a great idea to include a cutter with this set personally.  Monkey called out what we needed from his check list and we got everything ready to begin.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

Then it was over to my little chef to get on with the mixing.  The recipe card is very easy to follow, although I do think larger text would make it more child friendly.

Once our gingerbread dough was ready, I wrapped it in clingfilm and set it aside in the fridge for an hour whilst we had our dinner.  Once the hour was over, it was time to roll out the dough and decide which shapes Monkey wanted to make.  We’d been through our supply of cutters and he decided on a Snow Dog, Gingerbread Man and a Star.

When the biscuits had been baked for 8 minutes I took them out of the oven for Monkey and he decided which ones he wanted to turn into biscuit pops. As the pop sticks needed to be pushed into the biscuits whilst they were still hot, I took control of that part under Monkey’s supervision.

Monkey has fun with BKD Mini Bakers Club

Once they had cooled down, it was back to Monkey for some decorating using the Icing Pen provided.

He even wrapped one up for Daddy with one of the bags and some stickers that came in the pack, so Daddy P could decorate his own gingerbread man!

The set also came with a sheet with things to colour in and cut out so you could have your own bakers shop.  We’re saving this for a time when Monkey feels like playing shop, right now he just feels like eating!  I have to say that the biscuits taste marvelous!

There are various different subscription packages available with the BKD Mini Bakers Club, from 1-6 months and at the moment they have a promotion offering the first month of any package half price.  To see full details and pricing structures, and to sign up, pop over to the website.

I think for us, Monkey would be more interested in the baking, rather than the arts and crafts accessories, so going on the taste of these biscuits I think we’d be tempted to buy one the BKD baking kits.  The Chocolate and Raspberry Pirate Cupcake Mini Baking Kit sounds right up his street.  This and many other kits are also available to buy on the website.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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