New additions to the Mr Men Every Day series

It’s no big secret that we’re big fans of the Mr Men here, they were as popular in my own childhood with me and my brother as they are now, with Monkey.  We’ve just been introduced to the new additions to the Mr Men Every Day series which were published yesterday.  Mr Men Making Music and Mr Men go Camping are published through Egmont and bring the Every Day series of books up to 8.

New additions to the Mr Men Every Day series

As always, these new Mr Men books are priced at £2.99, making them a great pocket money purchase.

In Mr Men go Camping, Mr Strong is very much in charge.  He loves getting outdoors, and everything that goes with camping.  The rest of the Mr Men aren’t quite on his expert camping level.  Little Miss Splendid is rather like myself, and can’t pack lightly. Mr Jelly has a wobble when the bridge the friends need to cross has broken.  But having Mr Strong around means every problem is easily solved.

New additions to the Mr Men Every Day series

There are lots of adventures along the way, a bear comes to visit, marshmallows are toasted on the camp fire and then it rains ……..

In Mr Men Making Music we find that Mr Funny wants to form a band.  There’s a big rush as everyone wants to audition, and some, are again, rather like me, and just can’t hold a tune.

New additions to the Mr Men Every Day series

But some of the friends played really well, and everyone, except for Little Miss Trouble, practiced really hard, to impress Mr Funny. As the big day of the audition arrives, there’s all sorts of calamities, how will Mr Funny choose his band?

The new additions to the Mr Men Every Day series have gone done well here, just as I’d expect.  They’re the perfect sized books to take away on holiday as they can fit so easily in a handbag, rucksack or suitcase.

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  1. I love the sound of this series, especially the Making Music book (that picture of Mr Nosey and the cymbals did make me chuckle). We love the Mr Men books here too and I hadn’t come across the series so will have to look out for them and add them to the collection 🙂

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