When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold #DangerMouseToys

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold

When Danger Mouse first hit our TV screens back in 1981 I became an instant fan.  Ok, technically I may have been a little over the recommended audience age even then, but I, like a lot of my friends were hooked.  The secret agent and his hamster sidekick were must watch TV for a generation.  Fast forward to 2016 and we’ve been watching the new series which launched on CBBC last year.  It’s just as good as the original. Now what would happen when Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold?  Would they work together to foil the latest plot masterminded by Baron Silas von Greenback?  Time would tell.

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold

Jazwares recently launched a range of Danger Mouse toys so fans could enjoy some secret agent escapades at home.  When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold there was sure to be fun to be had.

You’ve got to have a soft spot for Penfold, the hamster side kick who’s in total awe of his friend.  Crikey Chief what do we do now? being one of his immortal lines.  The 7″ Plush Penfold is suitable for children aged 3 years and over and he says 3 different phrases when you squeeze his tummy. Sadly, my favourite isn’t one of them, but Monkey has a new best friend.

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold

Plush versions of Danger Mouse and Baron von Greenback are also available.

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold recently he had so much fun with the 3″ collectable figures and their accessories.  Penfold comes with Boots and a Launcher.  His head, arms and legs all move too.

You should be able to put Penfold into the rocket boots and then place him on top of the launcher, press the launcher down and let go.  Penfold is then meant to fly.  Neither Monkey or I could get this to work properly, but he wasn’t that bothered.

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold

A big hit was the Danger Mouse set.  Our favourite secret agent, who like Penfold, has moveable arms, legs and head comes with his very own zip wire!  This was an instant hit.

The zip wire winds around the DM reel when not in use, wind it out and it has a hook on either end, attach the hooks to furniture, the zip wire mechanism hooks over the wire (cord) and then Danger Mouse holds on tight as he zooms along.  Monkey loves this!

Poor Penfold got in a terrible mess and Danger Mouse had to save the day.  I hope he sticks around for some more adventures!

When Monkey met Danger Mouse and Penfold

There are 6 collectible figures with accessories to collect in the series.  The one’s we’ve received are well made and can currently be found enjoying a vacation in Portugal.  Nice work if you can get it!

For more information on the full Danger Mouse range pop over to the Jazwares website.  I’ve also included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your information.

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  1. Yes, I permafrost Danger Mouse first time round too and at the time it really was quite different and funny.
    My aggjdpdmwtmmj to it too, which I was pleased about, uncut they have so many other things competing for their attention now! But I know the idea of being able to set up zip wires would go down a storm in our house!

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