Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

Monkey has loved playing with Play-Doh for as long as I can remember.  It’s such a great way to get kids working on their manual dexterity whilst having lots of fun.  He was really over the moon when Hasbro  recently sent him the Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset to try out.

Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

Aimed at children aged 3 years and over the Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset comes with a fire truck (with moveable wheels and a rotating fire ladder) a fireman with helmet and axe, 3 pots of Play-Doh and a Fire stamp.

Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

The pots can be stacked to look like a house on fire, to add to the fun.

Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

The Fireman can either stand at the front of the fire engine, man the fire hose or stand independently, for lots of small world play adventures.

I did find the packaging a bit of a challenge to break through in this set, but once I’d worked my way through the plastic, Monkey couldn’t wait to get started with the action.

The axe should fit in the fireman’s hand but neither of us could get it to stay, but it does make a great Play-Doh cutting tool.

Monkey quickly discovered that he could fill the fireman’s head with Play-doh and use his helmet as a plunger.

Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

But he hadn’t quite realised what would happen when he did fit the helmet into place.  He grows a beard Mummy!

Not only that, but his feet double as stampers so you can add a moustache and badge.

Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset

It wasn’t long before Monkey decided to look at the fire truck – clearly a fire was going to need putting out pronto!

This set has been such a big hit, we’ve found lots of little extras along the way to add to the fun.  The Fire stamp can fit onto the pots to make a fire itself, there are also stamps along the sides of the fire truck.

Yes, he did mix the three colours together (mother sobs quietly in the corner) but don’t they all!

The Play-Doh Town Fire Truck Playset is a really lovely set in our opinion.  Monkey loves the fact he can play with it once he’s packed away the Play-Doh for the day too.  If that’s not enough, you can also buy other Play-Doh Town playsets to continue the theme on.  For £14.99 it provides lots of entertainment.

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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