The Lake House

I was first introduced to Kate Morton when The Distant Hours was suggested as our book of the month at the book club I used to attend locally.  I was instantly drawn into the story and the characters.  So imagine my excitement when I won a copy of her latest book, The Lake House, through the Mumsnet Book Club.

The Lake House

Based around a country house called Loeanneth in Cornwall, The Lake House introduces us to two strong women, the elderly Alice Edevane and a young detective in the Met called Sadie Sparrow.  Their stories are to become interwoven as we drift from Alice’s childhood in the early 1900’s, through to modern-day 2004.

If you like family sagas, then you’ll love this book, as we meet the various characters and try to resolve two mysterious disappearances, many years apart.  One linked to Alice, the other to Sadie.

Alice Edevane loved living in Loeanneth, The Lake House with her family.  Life seemed idyllic until her little brother, not even a year old, disappeared in mysterious circumstances in 1933, never to be seen again.  Alice is to become a leading murder mystery writer in the years ahead, leaving Cornwall and the memories of her brother behind her.  

But that’s all to change as we are introduced to Sadie Sparrow, a young policewoman with a few ghosts of her own.  She’s got herself into trouble at work for speaking out of turn to the press and is forced to take some leave.  She travels down to Cornwall to stay with her grandfather, and stumbles upon the mystery of the missing Edevane child.

The story is full of twists and turns as we learn about Alice’s parents and her grandmother, their lives, experiences and failings.  Sadie also has a past that she can no longer deny.  It’s very poignant in places and I found myself totally taken up with the characters and their journeys.

Morton leads you to one conclusion, only to pick that wide open and send you off in a different direction.  I had no idea where the story would take me and I love books like that. The very ending might be considered a little twee by some, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book nonetheless.

disclosure:  Although I received The Lake House via a Mumsnet Books giveaway, with a request to post feedback on their site, I enjoyed this book and wanted to share my thoughts with you too. I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below in case you’d like to try it for yourself.

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