BABY Born Train Andy giveaway – worth £34.99

My brother and his family now have a little puppy called Jess.  I thought we could celebrate her arrival on the blog, so I’ve got a BABY Born Train Andy giveaway worth £34.99 to offer you!

Baby Born Train Andy giveaway

Isn’t he adorable?  The BABY Born Train Andy is a cute little interactive puppy. Use the remote control and will bark out loud, go for a walk with you, and even do his business. He can even beg for food and whimpers to get your attention.  The BABY Born Train Andy dog can even be trained to sit!

BABY Born Train Andy giveaway

BABY Born Train Andy is aimed at children aged 3 years and over, requires 3 xAA batteries for the dog and 3x LR44 for the remote.  He comes with a collar, glittery pendant and a bone.

To enter the BABY Born Train Andy giveaway just complete the Gleam form below – good luck!

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This giveaway is for UK residents only.

Once a winner is randomly picked, I will check if the winner has done what was requested and I will contact them, if they do not reply within one week, the prize will be allocated to another person.

The giveaway will close on 7th August 2016 at midnight.

BABY Born Train Andy giveaway worth £34.99

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230 thoughts on “BABY Born Train Andy giveaway – worth £34.99

  1. this would be a lovely toy for my son & daughter to play together with but i think they would def change it’s name 🙂

  2. I would give it to my youngest daughter and I think she would change not only his name, but his sex too! One of her friends has just got a little puppy named Daisy and she is obsessed!! So I think my daughter would call this little puppy Daisy!

  3. My youngest son would enjoy it – My betting on a name would be Boris – it would be Harry, but there is already a Harry

  4. My nephew would adore this and he’d change the name to Pikku
    He just loves this name at the moment

  5. id give it to my son harry and i think he would call it gizmo after my mums dog xx fab giveaway thnakyou

  6. my little Grandson would love him and he would change his name, he would try to train him to walk to heel!

  7. Nephew, he would likely keep the name. As it is one of his Grand-Dad’s name, and that Gran-Dad has dogs.

  8. I’d give it to my son and daughter to share – they love dogs but unfortunately we don’t have the room for a real one until we move house. I think my daughter would be happy to keep the name but my son may push for ‘Charlie’. He’s already decided that’s what he’d like to call his dog!

  9. I would give it to my niece but I’m not sure what she’d name him, it’s never a sure thing what she’ll come out with on any given day hehe!

  10. I would give it to my son who is scared of dogs so hopefully this would ease his fears.

    I think he would change his name to Spud 🙂

  11. My daughter who’s turning five in two weeks 🙂 I think she’s end up calling ‘him’ Rosie-Lynn (that what she calls all her toys at the moment) <3

  12. I would like to win this for my niece as she always plays with my daughter’s when she comes to play, she could possibly change the name to meg ( her family dog is called meg).

  13. this would be great for my granddaughter – she would love a real dog but the family are all out all day. Would she change the name ? – probably as she has very definite opinions on most things

  14. Id give it to my daughter phoebe and she would probably change its name to clover because shes obsesed with the dog on ‘this morning’!

  15. I would give it to #3 granddaughter – she adores all animals. I’m sure she would change its name, it would probably have a different name every day according to what game they were playing.

  16. I would give it to my son, I think he may keep the name Andy as he is obsessed with dinosaur adventures with Andy Day!

  17. my 3 yr old twinkles keep asking for a dog this would be the next best thing lol i think they would keep his name

  18. I would give it to my youngest daughter – she loves her big sisters Lucy dog and would love a dog of her own. She would probably chnage the name because all her toys have crazy made up names like snazzlespot or wibblydibbly bear.

  19. I would give him to a little boy I know who wants a doggie but cannot have one because he lives in a flat. His name is Andy and I think he would keep the name Andy~dog because it is cute.

    (Apologies but my iPad had a fit and I may have fudged my entry).

  20. I would give this to my youngest daughter and she would probably change the name to sally, it used to be our dogs name.

  21. I’d give it to my son, and I’m 100% certain that he’d want to change Andy’s name to ‘William’. He wants to call everyone and everything William, including his new (female) cousin!

  22. I would give this to my youngest Grandaughter, ever since she started talking she wants a puppy and to be a vet 😀

  23. I would give it to my 2 year old daughter – she would probably just call it doggy as she has a toy rabbit she just calls rabbit!

  24. I would give it to my niece and she would probably call it Monty as she names most of her fluffy toys Monty -we dont know why !!!

  25. I would give this to my granddaughter and I’m pretty sure she would change his name but I have no idea what she would come up with x

  26. If I was lucky enough to win I would give it to my son and daughter to share I don’t think they’d change the name

  27. I would give this to my daughter… and her dad’s name is Andy – so not sure if she would like it for the dog…

  28. I’d give Andy to my little boy who has a little difficulty with saying his ‘D’s at the moment, but I’d persist with keeping his name as it would help him a lot I reckon…plus ‘Amby’ sounds cute in the short term 😉

  29. I would give it to my beautiful niece. I doubt she would change his name now. But maybe as she grows up.

  30. I would give to my daughter, and i think she would chance its name to something like Princess Pearl 🙂

  31. I would give it to my son, I guess he might change dogs name to thomas as that’s his favourite thomas character

  32. I’d give this to my daughter who is 7 if I was lucky enough to win. She has lots of baby born items & she would love to add this to her collection. All of her teddies & dollies are called Lilly. So sorry Andy but if we won I think we would change your name

  33. I would give it to my 4 year old and she would definitely change his name! She’d probably call him Fluffy or some other cutesy name!

  34. My nieces birthday is coming up soon, she lives in the isle of wight, but I am visiting her in time for her birthday. She is having a princess party and I would love to give her this!!

  35. I would gift it to my friends 14 month old daughter….she would call it dogdog, as that is her latest word she has learned.

  36. Id give it to my daughter, Amaya who loves Baby Born dolls and accessories. She would definitely change his name though and probably call him something like fluffy or cuddles! 😉

  37. Id give it to my niece. As she already has 3 cuddlies named Rose I imagine this one would be given the same name!

  38. I would give to my daughter Paige I definitely think she would keep the name as she gives her toys names like this anyway including Colin the doll, bobby the bunny teddy and Audrey the big pink teddy

  39. I would give it to my granddaughter who would probably call it Kitty! She calls everything kitty to make things easier to rememeber.

  40. I would give this to my friends little girl as she really wants a dog and isn’t allowed one due to health issues

  41. I’d give it to my little girl and no doubt it will probably end up being called something else, knowing my daughter!

  42. id give it to our brave little guy aron hes nearly two now and has an inoperable tumor he calls all his teddys cud its one of a very few things he trys to say

  43. I’d gift it to my God daughter and I think she’d change the name to “Masha” after a Dog she loves on a tv show and insists calling my dog Asha it too! Dxx

  44. My grandsons would be getting Andy if I won and they would probably rename him Connie Dog which if what they call our dog

  45. I would give this to my little girl she loves toys like this, I have no idea what she would name this dog if she won it though!

  46. To my niece Amelia. She’ll be 5 in November, and I think she would probably change his name….probably to something silly like ‘dog’ lol

  47. I’d give it to my friends daughter. I don’t think Andy is a very dogish name, so it would definitely get changed!

  48. I would give it to my god-daughter, who would probably call it Spot as she calls all dogs Spot after her own!

  49. My youngest daughter would adore this puppy, she would more than likely change its name, there are very few toys that keep their given name in our house! I do think it’s an unusual choice of name for a puppy though…!

  50. Who would you give the BABY Born Train Andy dog to if you won it, would they change his name do you think? if l were to win l’d give it to my grandson, and he would change his name too probably

  51. My daughter Daphne but she would 100% change his name as she has an uncle Andy….she calls most things Anna or elsa so I guess it would be one of those original choices!

  52. I’d give it to my oldest niece. She probably wouldn’t call it anything for awhile before deciding on her own name for it.

  53. my little girl always looks for a name tag on any new things,if they have a name she keeps it,if they dont she gives them one

  54. I try and collect toys to give to the Salvation Army so if I won this would go to a very deserving child. So I’m not sure what they would name it xx

  55. I would give this to Santa to help him out! He may leave the name changing to whoever receives it on Christmas Eve.

  56. This would be for my daughter if I won and she would probably keep the name Andy as this is my brothers name 🙂

  57. would give to my little girl if she changes its name it would probs be called rosie shes obsessed with that name atm lol

  58. I would give it to my daughter. I don’t think she would change the name as its my brother’s name and she would find it funny that it was the same name as her uncle.

  59. My youngest niece as she’s been relentlessly asking her parents for a puppy! She would probably change the name to something like Fluffy, which is what she wants to call her puppy.

  60. I would give it to my little girl as she loves things like this. Yes she would change its name as would say it’s a girl so probably call it something like Bella

  61. I would give it to my beautiful niece ‘Emily’ because she is asking Santa claus for a puppy this year 🙂 I think she would love to name her own puppy lots!

  62. my daughter would love this. I reckon the name would be changed… to Elsa !!!!!!For reasons I dont think I need to explain. Fab giveaway.

  63. It would be for my daughter, she probably would keep the name for couple of days and then would change it, she usually does it 🙂

  64. I’d give it to my daughter whose cuddly toy names seem to change all the time so I’m sure she would rename it a few times.

  65. I think all my little ones would love him as they’re 2, 4 and 5 If we’d tell them his name I don’t think they’d chance his name x

  66. I’d give it to my 2 girls to share, I think it might end up with 2 names but neither of them likely to be Andy.

  67. If I was the superlucky one, I’d give the dog to my daughter as a birthday present (early September) but knowing her she would change the name to something like Prince Andy or Andy the Knight as she’s obsessed with all things Princess at the moment!

  68. I would give this to my niece who lives with me. I don’t know what she would change his name to, it could be anything 🙂

  69. I’d give this to my niece Harmony – she turns 3 at the end of the month.

    I think she would probably rename it Jac after my dog who she loves to bits and plays with lots

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