Making the world better with pets #WeAreBetterWithPets

I’ve had a pet of one sort or another, pretty much my entire life.  From terrapins, to tortoises, cats, rabbits and a dog, a pet has always been close to my heart.  Except perhaps my brothers gerbils and hamsters, who all had rather sharp teeth, but we’ll gloss over that. I think it’s really important for children to have a pet, it teaches them about responsibilities, taking care of each other and of course that nothing and nobody lives forever. Purina are making the world better with pets, by making a set of commitments to improve society for pets and their owners; both as a brand and as a company of individual employees.

Making the world better with pets

They’ve created a film to share their vision with us all, and asking us to become active participants.  How can we make this commitment? Well the team at Purina have created a ‘Commitment Generator’ tool to enable us all to make our pledges and share them across social media.

Making the world better with pets

Brewster’s the first long-haired cat I’ve owned and grooming is an interesting experience. As pretty as he looks, keeping his fur at its best can be a bit of a nightmare.  He hates being brushed or combed, so I have to take it slowly with him.  But it’s a job that needs to be done regularly, especially at this time of year, when his coat is full of grass seeds after an adventure.  So my commitment is easy, I promise to brush his hair every day.

Making the world better with pets

The commitment generator is so easy to use, let’s face it, if I can do it, anyone can!  Pop over to the Purina website, make your commitment, upload your pet focussed photo, create and share across social media.  It takes seconds.

I can’t imagine our home without a pet as part of it.  I know how empty the place felt after we said good-bye to Monty before Brewster arrived to cause chaos.

What will your commitment be?

disclosure:  I have been compensated for this post, but my thoughts remain my own honest opinions.





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