A first introduction to Tonka toys

A first introduction to Tonka toys

There are brands and specific toys that we all recall fondly from our childhood aren’t there. It’s lovely when you get to relive those memories with your own children.  I’ve been doing just that lately with Monkey and have given him a first introduction to Tonka toys, with their Tonka Steel range.

A first introduction to Tonka toys

I can vividly remember my brother having a Tonka Steel dump truck when we were kids. It was totally indestructible, and trust me it took a lot of ‘abuse’.  My brother loved it, and it’s just one of those toys that I remember so clearly from our childhood. Scroll forward 40 years and I’m giving my own son a first introduction to Tonka toys.  I was just as happy as him when we realised that he’d received the Tonka Steel Quarry Dump Truck, along with the Tonka Steel Tow Truck.  His smile says it all doesn’t it.

The Tonka Steel range has been with us for 70 years and is made to be played with.  It’s made to last, its made for adventures in the mud. The range are made from steel, and have chunky tyres, they are ready for work, and will last a lifetime.  In fact, they are actually guaranteed to last a lifetime, how many toys are these days!

The toys are aimed at children aged 3 years and over, and Monkey has been in heaven since his new toys arrived.

A first introduction to Tonka toys

The Tonka Steel Tow Truck has been a big hit here.  It has a sturdy 4 position lift that is very easy to operate and it’s been much in demand. The lift fits under broken down vehicles easily and they can be lowered and raised quickly by an able breakdown driver.

Whilst the Tow Truck has been a hit, it’s been clear that Monkey has totally fallen in love with the Tonka Steel Quarry Dump Truck.

A first introduction to Tonka toys

Whether indoors or out, the dump truck hasn’t been far from Monkey’s side since it’s arrived.

Both vehicles are really robust and Monkey loves the fact he can take them in the garden, use them in his mud pit, and that they clean up well, so he play indoors with them too. We’re off to Cornwall tomorrow and apparently they are coming with us. Beach fun awaits apparently!

With a choice of vehicles the Tonka Steel range really are collectible, and I know Monkey will want to add to his collection. A first introduction to Tonka toys has got a big thumbs up from Monkey. Tonka is available online at Argos.

A first introduction to Tonka toys

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  1. Oh wow! What a blast from the past….My brother used to have loads of Tonka trucks and vehicles. They were so strong and tough….It sounds like they are still just as good 😀 x

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