Looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing

Monkey seems to be having a massive growth spurt at the moment and it’s fairly clear that I need to re-stock his wardrobe before he hits 7 later this year.  Thankfully he’s going to be looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing, and has room to grow with their 7-8 years sizing.

Looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing

I’d not come across the children’s formal clothing brand Roco Clothing  until recently.  If you’ve got a wedding or special family event, I’d recommend having a look at their kids suits and dresses, they look lovely.  Sadly we have no formal events coming up here, but Monkey does need some new clothes with Autumn coming ever closer.

His Dad predominately wears shirts and Monkey has been asking for a short like Daddy’s for ages.  Well Roco Clothing have sorted out this wish for him, with their Vianni Boys Blue and White Striped Shirt.

Looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing

With a collar, he could wear a tie if needed and he loves having a breast pocket just like Daddy P.  The shirt required a light iron when it arrived and was then ready to wear with no creases.  We did have an issue with some stitching on the first garment we received, but this was swiftly dealt with by the team at Roco Clothing and Monkey loves his new shirt. With the colours, this shirt would work well with jeans or smarter trousers.  It will certainly keep Monkey looking smart this autumn and is priced at £13.99.

Monkey loves shades of blue as much as I do, so we picked a pair of trousers for him together.  He loved the colour of the Boys Blue Soul & Glory Chinos and I liked the regular fit.  Being chinos you can have roll-ups and they still look fine, adjustable waists are a must here too.

Looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing

These Chinos also arrive on a hanger and were ready to wear straight away.  They are 100% cotton and have washed well, they are already a hit with Monkey, but have room for him to grow, so are keeping me happy too, especially at a price of £14.99.

Looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing will also involve the lovely Grey Soul & Glory Jumper, which I just love on Monkey. On colder days, I can see Monkey wearing this cable knit jumper a lot.

With the suede wrap around the shoulders, this jumper will keep my son warm and looking rather smart in the month ahead.  Wouldn’t you agree?  I also think the price of £16.99 offers great value for money.

I’ve been really impressed with the range, and will enjoy seeing Monkey looking smart this autumn with Roco Clothing.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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