Airhogs RC ThunderBird 2

I used to be glued to the TV when Thunderbirds was on when I was a child, it was such a popular series at that time.  Like so many classics from my childhood, the format has been given a 21st century makeover and now Monkey is enjoying it too.  I knew that the Airhogs RC ThunderBird 2 would be a big hit with all of us when it arrived.  Especially as Thunderbird 2 is our favourite vehicle from the series.

Airhogs ThunderBird 2

Now I should point out that Airhogs RC ThunderBird 2 is aimed at those aged 8 years and over, so Daddy P is in charge at the moment.  Monkey is based at International Rescue HQ for another year yet.

Airhogs ThunderBird 2

The first thing that struck all of us when we took our Airhogs RC ThunderBird 2 out of the packaging, was how light it is.  It’s incredibly light, and is made from special crash resistant material.  A good job too with my two Thunderbird trainees! The set consists of the Thunderbird 2, controller and a USB charger, along with an instruction leaflet. You will need 4 x AA batteries for the controller and these are not included.

My son has a few radio controlled cars, but the concept of a machine that could fly was totally new for all of us.  It’s gyro stabilised which means the Airhogs RC ThunderBird 2 can counteract any awkward movements and has a power core for added rigidity.

Airhogs ThunderBird 2

You do need to charge the set up, before you start your International Rescue Mission, and there are two options.  You can charge via the batteries in the controller.  There’s a charging cable located in the righthand side of the controller, which slots into the underside of Thunderbird 2.

Airhogs ThunderBird 2

Or you can charge via the USB cable, you plug in the charge cable from the controller as above, and then connect the USB cable to the controller and your laptop or other device. This is a quicker option, but if you charge via the batteries allow up to 45 minutes per charge.  The charge doesn’t last too long in our experience so far, the only downside we’ve found.

The instruction leaflet talks novices like us through the process quite well and we were soon ready for our maiden flight.  You do need to place the Thunderbird 2 on a smooth, flat surface for take off and we’ve found it easier to control indoors. The controller has two levers, the left-hand side one makes Thunderbird 2 go up and down, and the righthand side one makes it turn.

Now I’ve only managed to capture Daddy P at the controls, and he’s opted for a low-level flying mission.  I however, have been on my own International Rescue mission (sadly with no video evidence) and have managed near ceiling height flying very successfully.

We’re quite limited on space here, but we’ve still been able to fly the Airhogs RC Thunderbird 2 on a number of missions without any damage being done to it.  That’s quite impressive considering the amount of crash landings Daddy P has made.  My son loves watching it all unfolding and setting his Dad instructions on where the Thunderbird 2 needs to fly to next.

I can see this being on countless Christmas lists this year and we are thrilled that it’s made an early landing here. Priced at £49.99 I think this is rather well priced, and we are big fans.  I’ve attached my Amazon Affiliate link below just in case you have someone in mind who’d like to join International Rescue too.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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