Family time in Mauritius

Back in 1994 I travelled to Mauritius, the beautiful island set in the midst of the Indian Ocean. I’d been aware of the island through work, as we had a distributor based in the capital, Port Louis.  I was looking forward to seeing the various places I’d heard about in correspondence.  This was to be no ordinary holiday though, as I actually went to Mauritius to get married, in a place called Paradise Cove.  It really was just that.  My memories of the island have lasted longer than the marriage did and in some strange twist of fate Daddy P, had been on the island a few months earlier in the same year for his honeymoon!  We’ve always said we’d like to return together with Monkey for some family time in Mauritius.

Family time in Mauritius

I’d love to walk along the beach with Monkey and show him just how clear the sea is.  I  stayed near Cap Malheureux in the north of the island, and I can remember walking along the beach and finding starfish just sitting there on the sand as the tide washed them in.  It’s a memory that’s always stayed with me and something I’d love to share with my son. There’s nothing quite like seeing wildlife where it really belong, rather than in an aquarium.

If we can hold off on our visit until Monkey turns 10 I would love to show him what I got up to in Grand Baie all those years ago, before I could even swim!  The Undersea Walk experience was something that both terrified me (as a non swimmer) and exhilarated me. The memories will stay with me forever, and I’d love for Monkey to see able to see for himself the masses of fish beneath the waves.

family time in Mauritius
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As Monkey loves animals, there are a few places I’d love to explore with him, as part of our family time in Mauritius.  I’m sure he’d enjoy a visit to the Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park and Nature Reserve.  I can remember seeing Giant Tortoises for the first time myself when I was last in Mauritius.

Family time in Mauritius
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I know we’d also have to explore the Casala Adventure Park and go on safari, seeing all the wild animals.  He’d love that as much as I would. He adores giraffes and I just know how much he’d love to feed the giraffe there.  I like the look of their Family Pack activities, which would include the giraffe feeding, and we could try our hands at Tilapia Fishing too. Monkey’s best friend got a fishing rod for his birthday, and I know Monkey is keen to have a go.

Family time in Mauritius
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For something a little different I’d like to show Monkey the Vallée des Couleurs. It’s quite something to climb up over the rocks there and see the multi colours rocks.  I’ve not seen anywhere else quite like it since.  The waterfalls in that area would be another draw for some family time in Mauritius.

Of course I’m sure we’d plan in plenty of time on the beach, to splash around in the sea and just relax together under the Mauritian sun.  We might even get to practice the French that Monkey is learning at school. It would be wonderful to go back to this Indian Ocean island and make some new memories there.

Have you been before?  If you have, where would you suggest visiting with kids?

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