World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

You all know that I’m fairly obsessed with maps and I’m thrilled that Monkey seems to share my passion.  After our recent trip to Whipsnade Zoo, we were talking about where the different animals came from and the World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys really helped him to truly understand.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

The World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys is aimed at children aged 5-10 years, comes complete with a poster and is a 150 piece floor jigsaw puzzle.

We started off looking at the poster, which would be perfect for a playroom or bedroom wall. It’s a replica of the puzzle itself and colour codes the various animals to the continent they can be found in.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

Once Monkey had established where some of his favourite animals came from, it was time to build the puzzle itself.  As well as animals, there are well known world landmarks for children to identify.  Monkey was soon hard at work.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

As with all Orchard Toys products, this puzzle has vibrant and engaging graphics.  There’s a key at the side of the puzzle which colour codes the various continents and the countries within them.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

At Beavers, Monkey’s been working on his compass skills, so he was thrilled to see one included with the World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys and we spent time working out which countries were in which direction from us in England.

I love puzzles that provoke discussion, and this one does exactly that.  It’s not just a case of putting the pieces in the right place.  Monkey took his time, worked out what needed to go where, but actually talked about what was shown on the puzzle pieces.  He’s really good at recognising land marks from across the world, and knowing which country they belong to.

We talked about oceans, even though he’s seen the sea from ground level and from an aeroplane, I think the scale of them is still a little beyond him.  But we talked about different parts of the world being in different time zones.  This information isn’t included in this particular puzzle, but with the size of it, it was easy to demonstrate Greenwich Mean time and other time zones around the world.

The World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys shows the equator and the tropics and we’ve talked about climates and which animals and plants thrive in different locations.  This is such a wonderful puzzle.  It’s opened up so many different discussions over the last few weeks.  Monkey’s made it up on a few occasions now, and always finds something different to focus on.

Even Brewster’s been getting in on the act.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

for a fun and educational world map, for children of this age group, I really don’t think you can go wrong.  It’s priced at £13.95 and I’d say that was money well spent to be frank.

World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys

I know we’ll certainly be referring to the World Map Puzzle from Orchard Toys over and over again in the years ahead.  I’ve included my amazon Affiliate link below for your reference, it would make a great present this Christmas!

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. I do love Orchard Toys and also maps so this would be great to have in the house. Our daughter has a book about maps and the world so I think she’d love it. We also have cats that may decide they want an adventure too! 😉

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