Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service

I can remember my very first experience of good wine.  I knew nothing about wine really, and has been invited to a dinner party with work colleagues.  They were all older than me (I’m going back years ok) and I knew that they knew their stuff.  We’re talking people that decant wine and all that.  I went into a local wine merchants, explained my predicament and they were amazing.  Cue impromptu wine tasting with knowledgeable staff and my love of wine was born. All these years later I’m still no expert but I know a company that is. With the Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service you know you will receive good quality wines along with all sorts of information about the wines supplied.

Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service

There are two subscription levels – Grape Expectations for £24.95 per month and Age of Raisin for 39.90 per month.  Both offer two bottles of wine per month which have been pre-selected for you by former The Ritz, Sommelier Chef Jean-Michel Deluc (either one red/one white or two reds).  You also receive The Gazette, a booklet which explains more about the Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service and information about the wines they select.

Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service

Each bottle also comes with its own crib sheet, with all sorts of handy information for the budding win connoisseur.  You learn more about each specific wine and the relevant vineyard, suggested pairing for your wine, serving temperature and tasting notes.

By subscribing to the service you also receive discounts for purchases from the Le Petit Ballon shop.

I received the Grape Expectations October Red Wine selection and was really pleased to see a wine from the Pyrénées-Orientales region of France.  I have family living in this area of France and have loved wines from Languedoc-Roussillion since they first introduced me to them 20 years ago.

Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service

Both wines I received have been wonderfully smooth.  The Château de Jau worked really well paired with steak last week.  The Okoma 2014 from the Marianne Wine Estate in South Africa was particularly good served with chicken.

With Christmas approaching, Le Petit Ballon wine subscription service could make a perfect present for someone who enjoys wine and would like to know more about the different types.  I’ve certainly enjoyed learning a little more about the wines I’ve received.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with this service. It looks like a good way to discover wines that you might not otherwise come to know.

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