Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

There’s always great excitement in this household as December approaches.  There’s Monkey’s birthday to look forward to of course, but with two chocoholics in the household the first of December means advent calendar time.  This year we’ll be getting festive with Hotel Chocolat.

Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

Monkey and Daddy P have decided that they are going to share this years Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar.  Although I wonder just how many doors Daddy P will get to open. We’ve opted for the Milk Chocolate option to please both of them, if I’d had my way it would have been the Caramel version all the way!  There’s also dark and white chocolate options available.

You open the advent calendar up and to discover the doors waiting to be opened.

Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

I don’t know about you, but half the enjoyment with these calendar’s is finding the right day each morning and then discovering what treat lies hidden inside.  With this years Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar the 24 chocolate surprises could be anything from an angel, penguin, snowman or even Santa himself.  The solid chocolate figures are 40% milk, and utterly devine.

Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

My two taste testers give these chocolates a big thumbs up, priced at £12.50 getting festive with Hotel Chocolat and their advent calendars couldn’t be easier.

I also wanted something a little different on the treat front for the grown ups to share.  The Large Festive Wreath – Rare and Vintage, fits the bill perfectly.

Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

Formed with 72% dark chocolate, this Large Festive Wreath is 450g (smaller sizes are available!) of pure heaven.  The wreath is crammed full of almonds, cranberries and hazelnuts and it would be a welcome addition to any festive table this Christmas, don’t you think.

Getting festive with Hotel Chocolat

Priced at £22 I will do my best to share this with my guests, but I’m not promising! There’s also a Cookie version which looks and sounds devine too.

If you’re looking for some Christmas stocking filler ideas then Hotel Chocolat have some lovely Portly Penguins and Jolly Santa‘s which always go down a treat here.

Whatever your chocolate tastes, you’re sure to find something to enjoy over the festive season with Hotel Chocolat.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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