K’Nex Cars Building Set 25525

We’ve shown you roller coasters, we’ve thrilled you with a ferris wheel and today we’re sharing a smaller set, the K’Nex Cars Building Set 25525.  This set is aimed at children aged 7 years and over, comes with 187 pieces and you can produce 12 different vehicles.

K'Nex Cars Building Set 25525

This is a non-motorised set, and offers children the chance to make racing cars, motor bikes and even a dragster.  The instruction leaflet that comes with the set offers build details for 3 vehicles and a further 9 can be found online.

K'Nex Cars Building Set 25525

This is the sort of set that a nearly 7-year-old Monkey, can complete without any assistance now.  I can imagine that the K’Nex Cars Building Set 25525 would work well as an introduction to the brand and building techniques.  The builds are interesting and the end models offer lots of play potential.

There was never any doubt that Monkey’s first build choice would be the Racing Car.  He was quick to set to work.  The instructions are fairly easy to follow, and each step also includes information on the exact parts required and quantity needed.

The K’Nex Cars Building Set 25525 builds hand eye coordination, observation and problem solving skills and Monkey finds it totally absorbing.  It’s a great way for him to forget about school and just have some fun.  With this sort of build these days, I’m just there as an observer and occasional piece finder.  It’s been lovely to watch his love of K’Nex grow over the last couple of years and he always enjoys playing with our existing sets.

His finger dexterity is so much better these days, he sits, follows the instructions and gets totally involved in creating his next 3D dream machine.  Anything with wheels is always going to be a winner.

The joy on his face when he’d completed his Racing Car is clear for all to see.  It wasn’t long before the Monkey Grand Prix was taking place.  A podium place was guaranteed.

K'Nex Cars Building Set 25525

When his racing was completed he decided to turn his hand to the Dragster and have a bit of straight line action.

The K’Nex Cars Building Set 25525 is a great set, offering children a variety of different builds and Monkey loves it. Priced at £12.99 it’s a bargain buy in my opinion and would be a welcome addition to any stocking this Christmas.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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