Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boot

My son maybe turning 7 tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean that our muddy puddle jumping days are behind us.  Oh no.  In fact whenever Monkey is outdoors, he’s often to be found in search of mud and sticks, and puddles are just the added bonus.  I recently spotted some really funky footwear which I just knew would go down a storm with him.  The Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boot feature a range of boots with characters from My Little Pony and Transformers. We opted for Bumble Bee to keep Monkey’s feet dry in the months ahead.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boots

The Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boot are really unlike any other outdoor boots or wellies Monkey’s had.  He was sold as soon as he saw the Bumble Bee Transformer design and couldn’t wait to try them on.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boots

Not only is the design really striking but I really like the wrap-around soles which are designed to give children great stability as they race around at a million miles per hour.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boots

The tops of the Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boot are made of 4mm Flex-Foam with a breathable mesh lining.  This makes it much easier for Monkey to hold onto his boots as he’s trying to pull them on.  We have however found them harder to put on then his old wellies.  They have a more contoured fit at the back above the heel and Monkey has taken a bit of time to get used to putting them on and pulling them off.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boots

I was worried that they might be a little small for him, but once he’s got his feet in, they fit really well.  In fact, we’ve also discovered that this boots have a removable sock liner, which has made them slightly easier to pull on and off.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck BootsHe’s worn them for hours on end without any hint of them being too tight. The Neoprene shell construction is 100% waterproof and self insulating, making this a great all seasons outdoor boot.

Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boots

We really got to put these outdoor boots to the test last weekend.  Monkey was spending Saturday morning with lots of other Beavers from across the district at a Sing a long Santa event.  He’d be outdoors for at least 3 hours, enjoying lots of different activities and having fun in the woods.  It was time to put these boots to the test.

Monkey spent all morning running around in his new Muck Boot boots, and he absolutely loves them.  His feet didn’t get cold at all and he found them really comfy to wear.  I love the fact that they are so distinctive.

We were down in Wiltshire on Sunday visiting friends and as soon as Monkey knew we were heading for the woods he was straight in his Kids Hale Hasbro outdoor boots from Muck Boot again, ready for more adventures.

Priced at £55.00 the boots are extremely well made and will see him right through the winter and into the spring, whatever the weather.  They’re a big hit here.

For more information on this range and Muck Boot in general, visit their website.

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Ouch to the price The OH has muck boots for working on the farm, they’re the best ones he’s found that last a reasonable amount of time, but the ones he gets as an adults aren’t priced much more than that.

    The sole looks interesting, but you can’t beat neoprene for keeping feet warm in boots. N has plain green or navy cheapo ones which he loves (as do I for the price and the fact I don’t have to face character footwear!)

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