Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch #spynet

We were recently given the chance to join the Jakks Pacific Spy Net blogging panel and once we’d accepted the mission a mysterious package arrived.  We couldn’t hear any ticking time bombs so we decided it was safe to open.  Our first mission – Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch

As Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch I was to be his technical assistant, more of an O than a Q but I try!  This gadget is aimed at children aged 6 years and over, and comes with a demo battery (which need to be recycled), instructions and a USB stick.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch

Before any secret agent can start their first mission they need to charge the watch for a minimum of 2 hours, using the USB connector provided.  The USB socket is on the left hand side of the watch along with the speaker and microphone.  Once charged you can use the touch screen to set the date and time. The home/power button is on the right hand side of the watch, along with the back button.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch

The camera is on the top of the Touch Video Watch, and it took Monkey a little time to aim it correctly for his photos and video.  The watch strap is plastic and has a number of fixing positions, to suit all size of wrist, it even fits me (don’t tell Monkey though!).

It’s quite amazing to think that something so small can capture 20 minutes of video, 2000 photos and 3 hours of audio!  It’s certainly going to keep Monkey busy in the weeks ahead.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch and he got to grips with his new techno gadget straight away.  You use the touch screen to scroll through the various menus to enable you to take photos, including time-lapse photographs – a must for any secret agent on a stake out. You can record conversations covertly and compile video evidence.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch and to fool the enemy you can actually use this gadget as a proper watch with alarm, stopwatch and timer functions too.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a Spy Training menu for the watch. Monkey’s been rather poorly this last week so he’s not tried this section of the software out properly yet.  But the sound of a lie detector, bug detector, Spy Net Defense and Spy Net Hacker has certainly sparked some interest.

It’s easy to view files on the watch itself and delete them, but you can also save them on your computer using the USB connector provided.  Now you all know that I’m totally useless with technology and I did end up scratching my head at this point.  My Windows 10 laptop could pick up the device but I just couldn’t see the files my secret agent had saved.  Luckily I have connections and Jenny over at The Brick Castle sorted me out.  For some reason the files are hidden and all I need to do was tick a box and hey presto they all appears.  Well it is top-secret information after all I guess.  She also saved me from more grey hairs, the video software on this gadget doesn’t like Windows 10.  To view the files I had to upload them into Movie Maker first, to view.  All sorted, thank you agent J.

My secret agent needs to work on his video capturing skills, but the quality of the video itself is much better than I’d expected.  The photo quality is also rather good.  I believe that secret agent Monkey was trying to ascertain who had been eating my Advent Calendar chocolates.

Monkey becomes a Spy with the Spy Net Touch Video Watch

There is also a Spy Net app, but this doesn’t support Windows 10 software sadly, but for computers with older software installed you can use the app to increase play potential.

The battery charge holds well and Monkey loves his new gadget from Jakks Pacific and it’s part of a larger range of Spy Net products.  Our next mission will involve the Spy Net Eyeclops TV Microphone and we’ll be sharing out thoughts on that in the New Year.

Priced at £49.99, I’ve noticed that Amazon currently have it on offer for £34.99. (Amazon Affiliate link).

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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