Chasing away the cobwebs

Chasing away the cobwebs

There are times when you just need to get out of the house and spend some time chasing away the cobwebs. We’re lucky that we have a few places fairly close to home that we visit regularly, that offer just that opportunity.  A chance to run around in a familiar setting.  Places we can just let off steam for an hour or two, breathe in the fresh air and relax.

For us, chasing away the cobwebs on our doorstep normally means a trip to Stoke Wood, Waddesdon Manor or Stowe Landscape Gardens. A trip to any of these destinations will normally involve stick collecting, puddle jumping (if the weather permits) and running through the trees.

Chasing away the cobwebs

When we visited Stoke Wood recently, Monkey set the route as soon as we’d got out of the car and headed off on a mission.  This way Daddy!  It’s somewhere Monkey and I normally explore when Daddy P’s not around, so Monkey wanted to show him his favourite tracks.

Chasing away the cobwebs

He soon decided to collect some leaves as we walked along. I always forget to take our leaf identification booklet out with us.  When we’d visited Westonbirt some time back, we’d seen people collecting leaves on sticks, and the idea obviously stuck with Monkey.

A trip to Stowe is always a winner for us, it’s somewhere we never tire of and as there are a number of different walks, we can make our trip as long or as short as we want.  Monkey and I spent an hour there on a recent trip, just chasing away the cobwebs, looking for mushrooms and picking up sticks.

Chasing away the cobwebs

On this particular trip Monkey decided he wanted to walk up to the arch that we see as we drive into the grounds.  It was a first for him and he was fascinated.

He was amazed at how tall it is up close and then went to stand and admire the view over to Stowe House.

Chasing away the cobwebs

But it wasn’t long until he was off again, in hunt of sticks and running down the lath to ring the bell.

We spotted some mushrooms on our walk, Monkey knows not to touch them, but it didn’t stop him getting up close to get a better look.

I’ve written before about Stowe being Monkey’s happy place.  It’s somewhere he just feels so at home, he’s happy to run ahead, stick in hand, then sit and wait for me to catch up, before running on ahead again.

No matter how many times we visit, the views never fail to impress.

Chasing away the cobwebs

Monkey’s always happy to see the sheep, and often stops to have a little chat to them as we pass.

Chasing away the cobwebs

His favourite bridge always has to be raced towards, just to make sure he can cross without company.

Chasing away the cobwebs

The swans are always a draw, there are so many of them at Stowe at the moment, we stood for ages and just admired them.

Chasing away the cobwebs at Stowe, stick in hand, is always a winner.

Chasing away the cobwebs

On a frosty morning we decided to head over to Waddesdon Manor, again, somewhere we know so well, somewhere just to spend an hour in the fresh air.

Chasing away the cobwebs

There was frost still laying on the stone walls and Monkey could not be convinced that he couldn’t make a snowman.  He certainly tried very hard to prove me wrong.

Once he’d finished playing in the ‘snow’ he headed off to find some puddles.

Chasing away the cobwebs

But it’s never long until he’s found another stick and heading off on another adventure.

Chasing away the cobwebs

Running ahead in the morning sunshine.

Chasing away the cobwebs

Chasing away the cobwebs, getting outside, even if only for an hour, makes so much difference, especially at this time of year.  Where do you head off to when you just need a short blast of fresh air?

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21 thoughts on “Chasing away the cobwebs

  1. Aww it is so lovely when you find your happy place isn’t it? He looks so content! You have really had some lovely walks this week – we have really struggled getting out as it has just been so cold, but you are right even just an hour really makes such a difference! #countrykids

  2. Everyone needs a “bank” of places to visit and revisit on a free morning. I love the familiarity you now have with these places and the way Monkey has grown to love them explore them and now lead your adventures. I’m sure if you look back over posts from years gone by you will see just this. I so wish I had captured the journey you have till now. I think my triplets were about the age Monkey is now when I began blogging. You have so much fun still to come, but for now make the most of each new discovery in familiar places and new ones.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. Some lovely walks and photos. I needed to chase the cobwebs away today too. I hope my kids grow up to enjoy the outdoors as much as your son does. #countrykids

  4. Three beautiful places, and you can see how much fun Monkey is having! Nothing like finding sticks and running around 🙂 #countrykids

  5. Your little boys sounds just like mine – never happier than when he is outside running around! It is lovely to see how much fun you had on your day out to Stowe. #countrykids

  6. How lovely to have such beautiful places to explore right on your doorstep. Our friends got married at Stowe and it’s somewhere I keep meaning to visit again at some point. Love that it is Monkey’s happy place. He certainly looks like he is enjoying getting out and about. Collecting leaves on sticks is such a good idea – will have to remember that one! #countrykids

  7. I love just how enthusiastic your Monkey is about this favourite places -he’s always running & exploring and making the very best of his environment. I do like the idea of adding leaves to sticks. Much better way of saving them than putting them in pockets, forgetting they’re there and ending up with pockets full of dry & crumpled leaves!
    Love Stowe Woods but haven’t been for a while – you’ve inspired me to take another trip there!

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