A quick stop at Ightham Mote

You may recall that we took Monkey to Kent for his birthday, back in December.  We’d spent some lovely time at Bodiam Castle on his birthday and then a wonderful morning exploring Scotney Castle.  We had one last moat to see before heading back to Oxfordshire.  We left Scotney and decided we could just about fit in a quick stop at Ightham Mote near Sevenoaks before hitting the M25.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

We parked up and walked down for a quick stop at Ightham Mote, the National Trust medieval moated house.  The last of the three moated properties in Kent we were to explore that weekend.  It really was going to be a flying visit, and we were going to have the opportunity to explore the vast estate sadly.  But we did get a chance to have a quick look around the house (currently closed for conservation until 4th March 2017) and admire the exquisite building surrounded by the moat.

It really is a beautiful old building and one to be admired from all sides.  Monkey, who, as normal, had found a stick as soon as we’d arrived was doing his ‘bridge troll’ impression.  Halt Mummy, you cannot cross.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

I could have stayed all day admire the details of the building and the stained glass but made do with a quick run around with Monkey the tour guide.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

A quick stop at Ightham Mote saw us all wishing we could stay longer.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

As well as the main manor house there are some lovely buildings sat further back in the grounds.  I don’t think they are open to visitors but they are still worth admiring.

Something certainly caught Monkey’s eye.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

Then he decided to investigate the little ornamental pond, a spot of imaginary fishing was required apparently.

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

It really was a flying visit, a last chance to stretch our legs before hitting the motorway, but one that left us wanting to go back at some point in the future. A quick stop at Ightham Mote wasn’t enough to really get a proper feel of the place, but it was better than not going at all.  Have you been?

A quick stop at Ightham Mote

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8 thoughts on “A quick stop at Ightham Mote

  1. It looks like you had a lovely time even if you couldn’t stop long, you’ll have to go again! I love visiting National Trust places, we’re a bit far away for this one but it does look beautiful. #CountryKids

  2. This definitely looks like a must-do stop if you’re in the area, Ightham Mote does appear to be almost magical. I can tell why Monkey loved exploring the grounds and bridges, it’s great to see his imagination in the fishing and troll fun! I would love to visit, I be the views from inside out are just as magical.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  3. It’s lovely there – I think I have an almost identical picture of H by that doorway! She loved it too. I think we went around Christmas time last year – I seem to remember Christmas decorations and an indoor trail of some kind… but I loved the grounds. Definitely one to go back to, it’s such a lovely quirky little place to go to. Love the pics, they’ve brought back memories. Linking from #countrykids of course!

  4. Great idea to see them all in one visit. We havent managed to make it to Bodium yet but have been to the others. I love that the National Trust helpfully point you to locations nearby when you leave. Sounds like a great little break. Stopping by from #CountryKids

  5. We stopped off at the National Trust Powys Castle on our way to Pembrokeshire last year. It was a real flying visit too, but I wish we had had chance to explore it more and do it justice! We know about it for next time though. #countrykids

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