Brain Box Story Cards

Brain Box Story Cards – review and giveaway

It’s hard to believe that the blog is now 4 years old.  Time really has flown.  If you’ve been with me for most of blog’s journey then you will know that Monkey has often struggled to communicate at the same level as his peers.  He turned 7 in December, he’s come a very long way over the last couple of years, but he’s still a lot more reserved than a lot of children his age.  I’m always looking for ways to help him express himself verbally and the Brain Box Story Cards are the latest addition to my language toolbox.

Brain Box Story Cards

We’ve been trying out the Brain Box Story Cards Fantasy and Adventure sets which are aimed at children aged 3 years and over.  Both sets come with 55 picture cards split into various categories.

For younger children it is suggested that they select 2 cards and make simple sentences and give the characters and animals names.  If I’d had these Brain Box Story Cards sets when Monkey was 3 I’d have been using them as word prompts to try and help him to tell me what the different characters were.

We’d have then moved on to making stories, using the cards as prompts.  The instructions for both the Fantasy and Adventure sets suggests shuffling the cards in each category (colour coded) and then picking 3 from across the ranges to make up a story.  I thought that’s how we’d start, but Monkey had other ideas.  He got the idea of the Brain Box Story Cards straight away and apparently 3 cards wasn’t enough for him.

Brain Box Story Cards

The cards feature all manner of animals, characters, actions and objects, meaning that stories really can go anywhere.  I love things put children in charge, and the Brain Box Story Cards sets really do that. There is no wrong or right, the story line is totally in their hands.  Children could play together, taking it in turns to move the story forward as a card is picked, or like us, we worked on a story together.

I’ve been really impressed with these sets, we’ve worked through a number of story ideas over the last few weeks and Monkey isn’t at all bored with them.  The Brain Box Story Cards sets are perfect for taking on car and plan journeys and the ideal size for a handbag or suitcase.  They get a big thumbs up here.  Priced at £4.99 per set, you can find your local stockist information over on the Brain Box website.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

I’ve got a set of the Brain Box Story Cards Fantasy and Adventures cards to offer one lucky reader, worth £ 9.98. Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win – good luck!

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Brain Box Story Cards Fantasy and Adventures cards worth £9.98

103 thoughts on “Brain Box Story Cards – review and giveaway

  1. Little Red Riding Hood as the story highlights dangerous situations to children and you can ask them who is good and who is bad

  2. Ive always loved The Princess and the Pea. As my nan used to read it to me when i was little. Fab giveaway. Would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed x

  3. Goldilocks, because I love trying to explain to my daughter that her heroine is actually a bit naughty burgling someone elses house!!

  4. Rapunzel, I always had really long hair and i like to think that someone would whisk me away if I threw my hair out of the window

  5. I love The Elves and The Shoemaker, I’ve always loved it since I was a child, but can’t remember why, although it is a lovely heartwarming story

  6. Little Red Riding Hood…I think the best ‘fairy tales’ are those that are fun to read but can teach you an important lesson and Red’s run in with the big bad wolf was all I needed to learn about ‘stranger danger’ when I was little 😉

  7. The Ugly Duckling. As turns out to be a Beautiful Swan. In our Culture we were told ” not to blow our own trumpet”. I think we need to become aware and acknowledge our strengths, skills, etc. Maybe because the Rich and Powerful are acknowledged, Awarded and Celebrated. Seems that may need to be done in some similar fashion for us to be enabled to Reach Our Potential, which only comes with Opportunities.

    Also like Little Red Riding Hood. As the Big Bad Wolf tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood by pretending to be her Grandmother ( wearing Grandmother’s clothes. Yet nothing like Grandmother, not kind and Caring. But cruel and Dangerous). Aims at teaching us to look deeper, be Observant, be prepared to run or get away in order to protect self). Encorages us to be careful, aware etc.

  8. Cinderella because the moral of the story is that people should always fight for what they want with a good heart and hard work. Cinderella is never negative or angry due to how poorly her stepsisters and stepmother treat her, and she keeps working hard despite things seeming hopeless.

  9. Hansel and Gretel… Even though it is quite a dark tale I always remember being fascinated with the house made out of sweets and thinking it was the most magical thing ever.

  10. My favourite fairytale is the boy who cried wolf because of the message in it. It have read it to my kids many times. I think the brain box story cards would be ideal for my son who has ADHD. I try and sit down and do things like this with him often as he struggles to concentrate in a class setting and falls behind. Fingers crossed 🙂

  11. My favourite fairytale is Cinderella 🙂 because it’s a classic and I love the message that justice and true love triumphs in the end!

  12. I love Rumplestiltskin – I have always aspired to be so cross that I can stamp my foot right through the floor!!!

  13. My daughter’s favourite is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because she likes that’s Snow White is so kind to her friends the dwarfs and how nicely they look after her.

  14. Goldilocks and the Three Bears is my favourite because my parents used to read it to me as though it was poetry. I grew to love it with its rather innocent story.

  15. I like The Boy Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything. It’s quite an obscure Brothers Grimm one. I like it because it’s one of the few of theirs with a humorous ending.

  16. Rumplestiltskin as this is my boys favourite at the moment and I love watching their faces as I read it to them

  17. The Elves and the Shoemaker. I love this tale of kindness and generosity. The elves make the shoemaker beautiful quality shoes to save their business and the shoemaker and his wife make the elves brand new clothes.

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