Dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear

It’s fair to say that I don’t get much quality time with Daddy P.  He’s a workaholic and his business often comes before family unfortunately.  With me being in Spain checking up on Mum and then the madness that is half term, we were like ships in the night and Valentines Day just passed us by.  It wasn’t until Sunday that we actually got to say more than 5 words to each other.  Anyway, we were going out for the day on Sunday and Daddy P was dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear.

Dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear

If you’ve not come across Mainline Menswear before then you’ve missed a trick.  The online retailer stocks every mens fashion brand you could think of, from Nike, Ralph Lauren and Barbour to Armani and Henri Lloyd. Daddy P really was spoilt for choice when we were looking for a new outfit for him.

He’s on the rugby player side of things when it comes to physique which does sometimes cause issues with sizing. We’d spotted a lovely Fred Perry Tartan Gingham Mix Check shirt, which is very Daddy P but unfortunately the largest size XXL was just a little tight for him across the back.  I have to say that the returns procedure was really simple and service was excellent.

Dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear

It’s fair to say that my OH likes blues, and very much like his son, it’s a colour that suits him.  Getting dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear wasn’t going to be hard, as we quickly drilled down to blue shirts to look for an alternative, this time hedging our bets with an XXXL sizes shirt.  Daddy P opted for the Hugo Boss Green C Buster Shirt in Blue.

Dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear

The shirt was a perfect fit, and Daddy P certainly looked the part.

His shirt was sorted, but to complete the look he clearly needed some trousers.  Daddy P works very unsociable hours and only ever takes Sunday off work unless we happen to be on holiday.  So generally when he’s around, it’s for family time before my son goes back to school on the Monday. When Daddy P is looking for trousers, really more often than not, he really wants jeans.  They work whether we’re going out for dinner as a family or going for an adventure out and about.  He’s 50 and isn’t interested in drain pipe style jeans, so we opted for a classic cut with the Levis 501 Original Fit Jeans in Blue.

Dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear

The cut of these jeans is perfect for him and they fit well.  He’s always been a one brand jeans man, but I think that getting dressed to impress with Mainline Menswear, has shown him that there are labels available which offer good quality, hard-wearing jeans whilst also remaining stylish.

We’ve both been impressed with his selection, both items have washed well and I just know that they will wear well too.  So if your partner and his wardrobe are in need of a bit of Spring cleaning it would definitely be worth checking out the ranges stocked by Mainline Menswear, they have some great bargains in their sales too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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