Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

When I lived in previous garden I had a whole border reserved for herbs. I’d get to enjoy their aroma every time I hung my washing out, or sat on the patio enjoying a drink after work.  Ever since I’ve moved in with Daddy P, I’ve been meaning to organise something here.  Yes, I know, it’s taken my 8 years but better later than never don’t you think.  The soil here is awful so I wanted a planter and came across something ideal recently.  I’ve been busy creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds.

Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

For less than £15 I’m going to be creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds.  I looked at a number of different options from Living Wall planters to different potted options.  But I liked the flexibility that the Kitchen Herb Patio Planters pack offered.  You actually get 2 planters, and the pack is currently reduced to £4.99, making it an absolute bargain.

So what herbs to plant in my new herb garden?  I had a look through the herb seeds on offer from Sutton Seeds and decided that the Herb Collection offering 5 packs of different seeds would be a good starting point.  This would give me Dill, Sage, Sweet Basil, Marjoram and Thyme. I love the smell of Rosemary in the garden, so that was a must. Lemon Coriander would be great for curries and Mint is a must for me, for any herb garden.

Delivery from Sutton Seeds was prompt and once I’d bought some compost (you need approx 45 litres to fill one of the planter) I was ready to get planting.

Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

The herb planter has 8 pockets around the sides and one large space on top, to sow the herb seeds in, along with drainage holes in the base.  Once filled with compost, the planter stands well by itself, and it has handles on both sides so you can move it easily.

Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

The seed packets all come with comprehensive instructions, and all but the Mint could be sowed straight out into the planter.

Each packet contains a generous supply of seeds, and as I planted them out earlier this week, I’m looking forward to seeing the herbs of my labours in a few months time.

I’ve got a windowsill propagator, so I’ve planted the Mint seeds in that and will hopefully see them sprouting in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll add them to the top of the herb planter in due course.

Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

The herb seeds have now all been watered in, so now it’s just a case of a providing a little tlc and waiting for them all to germinate.  Hopefully this summer I’ll have a fragrant patio and get to use lots of fresh herbs in my cooking.  Keep those fingers crossed.

Creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds

If you’re looking to create your own herb garden, you can also pre-order herb plants rather than the seeds, if you so wish.  These would be shipped out to you from Sutton Seeds at the beginning of May.  But for me, I like the idea of really creating a Herb Garden with Sutton Seeds from scratch.  What happened to the second herb planter?  Well, I’ve donated that to my son’s class so they can create their own sensory garden this summer.  It will be much appreciated I’m sure.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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