Mummy and Me – April 2017

Mummy and  Me – April 2017, as I continue to try to capture a photo a week, each week, of the two of us together.

Week 13

Sometimes I do actually remember to ask people to take our photo!  We’d gone out for the afternoon to Waddesdon Manor with my friend L and her son.  There had been plenty of fun playing with sticks and she caught this shot as we were heading back to the car.  A good time spent in great company.

The next day saw us in London, you can read all about our Duck Tour adventure, and I remembered to ask Daddy P to take our photo as we headed off.  The smile says it all.

Week 14

Mummy and Me - April 2017

A quiet week for us before the start of the school holidays and a sofa selfie moment.

Week 15

Let the fun begin.  We had a trip to Paulton’s Park and Bournemouth this week.  Monkey loved the Dinosaur Tour ride.  Ice creams by the beach are a must aren’t they, and the April sunshine joined us too.  Can’t believe I didn’t actually get a photo of the two of us together on my actual birthday, but I made up for it later in the week.  We went out with friends on Good Friday and I caught us enjoying a ride on a Shire Horse drawn trailer.  Lots of happy Mummy and Me moments this week.

Week 16

Another great week as we went to stay with my best friend for a few days and she captured us together, weird eyes and all!  We ended the week with my eldest niece’s 21st birthday party and a photo that I love.  She’s going to become a Mum herself in September, exciting times ahead.

Week 17

Mummy and Me - April 2017

The back to school week.  I know some parents can’t wait for their children to be back at school  But not me, I love spending every minute with Monkey, even when I’m left totally exhausted.  I’m all too aware that one day he won’t want to spend that time with me.  Back to school, means grumpy afternoons and counting down the days until it’s Friday afternoons…….but we’re trying to smile our way through it as best we can.

What Mummy and Me moments have you had this month?

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