Bird Watching with Green Board Games

I’m all for showing my son that we don’t always have to get in the car to do something fun and interesting.  We had an action packed half term with my parents being over from Spain, and have needed a bit of quiet time since they’ve gone home.  The weather has been somewhat sporadic, but we really needed to get some fresh air.  We decided to go for a walk around our estate, and instead of going on our normal bug hunt we decided to try a spot of bird watching with Green Board Games.

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

We may live on a housing estate, but we have lots of tree all around, and they are often full of birds.  My 7 year old has become very good at looking down at the pavements to spot all manner of bugs, but our recent walk was all about looking up too, and trying to identify the birds that we saw.

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

We normally have binoculars in my bag when we go further afield on our adventures, but bird watching with Green Board Games on our doorstep has shown us both that we should always have them with us.  Monkey’s rather pleased to have his own set now.  They’re lightweight, so easy for him to take ownership of too.

It’s amazing how much more interesting the walk that we take every day can be, when you actually look at the nature all around you.  We spent a good half hour just walking around the estate, being quiet and looking out for our feather friends.

With the Identification cards we received with the kit Monkey was able to check on the birds we’d spotted and we chatted away about what they might be eating for their dinner.  Unfortunately the cards aren’t in alphabetical order so he did find that the birds had often flown away before he could properly confirm what they were.  But he does know quite a few wild birds already.  We have large trees at the bottom of our garden and we often sit and watch all manner of birds come to visit, from Long Tailed Tits to Goldfinch and Blackcaps.

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

Bird Watching with Green Board Games around our estate after school, was a great way for Monkey to unwind and learn whilst having fun. As well as the identification cards, Monkey carried the notepad and pencil in his pocket and every so often he’d stop to update his spotters list.  Getting him writing anything is a challenge, so this was a fun way of getting him putting pencil to paper.

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

So what did we spot on our travels? A couple of robins, a magpie and pied wagtail, male and female blackbirds and numerous wood pigeons.

We have a nature reserve on the next estate over from where we live, so I think we’ll spend more afternoons after school bird watching with Green Board Games.  An ice cream on the way back home might just be in order too.  Our new bird watching kit has come in really handy.  For £12 it includes lots of ideas for attracting birds as well as identification tips – looking at tail shapes, wings and beaks. We may well have to invest in the Trees kit too I think.

Bird Watching with Green Board Games

Do you make use of the space on your doorstep to explore?

disclosure:  we were sent the kit mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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