Babbling Brook – My Sunday Photo 020717

Babbling Brook – My Sunday Photo 020717

I went to Minster Lovell Hall ruins with my photography class on Friday.  It was a really dull day which made some of the photography quite challenging.  But it was lovely to explore somewhere new, with people who share a passion. I still feel that I have so much to learn, and I forget so much, but I know so much more than I did when I started in September.  I’m can’t make the last exhibition of term as I’ll be at the British Grand Prix.  It’s a shame that next week will be the last time we’ll all be together, as Year Two moves to Thursdays in September and most of our group will move to evening classes instead.  But anyway, I digress, working with moving water shots has been something I’ve always wanted to do.  Last week I’d managed to freeze the water drops in a fountain and this week I wanted to play with flowing water in the babbling brook.  I’m really pleased with this shot, it barely looks like water at all.  I like the wistful feel to it. I worked on 1/4 sec. f/22 81mm, I’m sure I could do all sorts of clever things to the shot in editing, but I rarely edit any shots at all.

Babbling Brook - My Sunday Photo 020717

I don’t see the point.  I’d rather show the shot I saw, not an idea of what it could have been.  Have you played with water shots before?  Any tips you can pass on?


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8 thoughts on “Babbling Brook – My Sunday Photo 020717

  1. It’s beautiful. It looks almost like an oil painting. I don’t edit shots either, apart from the occasional bit of cropping.

  2. I love that shot, it’s stunning. Have spent ages fiddling with shutter speeds at water falls in the past! 😀 Great capture… #sundayphoto

  3. I knew what it was instantly. When I was growing up in Tennessee, we went to the Smokey Mountains often. Streams were my favorite places in the mountains. We always skipped rocks across them.

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