Will It Blow?

Will It Blow? – book review

There’s something that fascinates most of us about volcanoes isn’t there.  I can remember seeing a smoking volcano from a distance a long time ago and just being in awe of it.  We learned about Pompeii at school and the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius and one day I’d love to take my son to explore the area. In more recent times, I can clearly remember when Mount St Helen’s erupted Monkey has been learning all about that himself with Will It Blow?

Will It Blow?

In Will It Blow? written by Elizabeth Rusch, children not only learn about volcanoes but they become a Volcano Detective as they learn to predict when the volcano might erupt again. The book is full of interesting information shown in a way that engages children, gets them thinking and learning without even realising it.

Will It Blow

By reading the book you can help to identify when and if the volcano will erupt and what type of eruption may occur. My 7 year old was hooked as soon as we started reading Will It Blow? together.  He loves the mix of facts and challenges and it suits him perfectly.  He knows about volcanoes but not this specific volcano in the USA and he loved learning more about the actions of them, and how they’ve formed over millions of years.

Will It Blow? starts with a full briefing about the history of Mount St Helen’s and its volcanic activity over the years. Then the fun really begins as you also learn about the skills required to be a real Volcano Detective and about the gadgets they have to help them.  My son could read all about what a seismograph is and the different types of reports it provides.

Will It Blow

Throughout Will It Blow? there are activities for children to try out themselves, from making a human seismograph to creating lava races, a soda bottle volcano and lickable lava.  We’re going to be trying a few of them out in the summer holidays. The book also contains a number of cases that a volcano detective has undertaken.  Learning all the time, the reader has to find the clues that would help to solve the case. It’s really rather fascinating to read, even as an adult.  We’ve learned about volcanic gases and how sulphur dioxide is measured.

Priced at £12.99 and published through Sasquatch Books, I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for any volcano detectives out there who might like to read this book for themselves.  We’ve really enjoyed reading it, and I know it will be a point of reference in the future too.

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review



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