Thomas Troll’s Travels

Monkey and I have been enjoying reading the newly published Thomas Troll’s Travels recently. Written by Nicolas Starling and published through Clink Street Publishing, the paperback book is aimed at children aged 7-10 years of age.

Thomas Troll's Travels

Having a 7 year old bridge troll of my own, I knew the idea of reading Thomas Troll’s Travels together would go down well with my son.  We meet Thomas the Norwegian troll, who is only young (I should be a troll too) at 60 years of age.  He’s very mischievous and when he gets caught stealing some Troll Toffee he stows away on a ship.  Little does he know it’s a pirate ship heading for faraway shores.

He soon gets found out and gets brought in front of Captain Jellybelly and his crew.  Will they make him walk the plank my son asked?  Luckily for Thomas the answer was no and we see Thomas Troll’s Travels take him on a journey on the Naughty Elf and he makes friends with Ronnie, an elf.  Where will his adventures take him?  To London it seems, as he goes in search of the zoo.

Thomas Troll's Travels

He makes new friends along the way, but will he ever make it back to Norway, or will he find a new home with new friends?  I don’t want to ruin the story of Thomas Troll’s Travels for you, let your kids read it instead.

My son isn’t confident enough to read Thomas Troll’s Travels by himself, so I’ve been reading it at bedtimes.  The 73 page paperback is well written with lots of humour and fun along the way to keep children amused.  My son has certainly enjoyed the story.  Priced at £5.99, I’ve include my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference as well of details on where this blog tour is heading next.

Thomas Troll's Travels

disclosure:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review

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