Natural Attraction – a book review

I always like books that offer something a little different, and Natural Attraction by Iris Gottlieb does just that.  It’s a beautifully illustrated hardback book offering biological facts about all manner of beasts, big and small.
Natural Attraction

Published through Sasquatch Books this month, Natural Attraction showcases a range of animals.  Some that get on famously well like the Banded Mongoose and Common Warthog.  Some that somehow manage to live side by side like the Rhinoceros and Oxpecker.  Then there are the sworn enemies like the Jewel Wasp and American Cockroach.

Natural Attraction

In each section of the 128 page Natural Attraction,  we find our where the specific animals live and what their relationship to each other is.  We’ve been talking a lot about my dream to go on Safari one day and my son and I have been reading about the harmonious relationship that the Blue Wildebeest and Zebra of Southern and Eastern African have.  It’s heard to believe that these wonderful animals complete a 1,800 mile migration across the Serengeti plains.  One day I’d love to show my son that in action.

Along with learning about the animals’ relationships we learn more about their specific identifiers with more wonderful illustrations.

Natural Attraction

My son is fascinated by jellyfish and they always feature quite highly on his list of must see animals when we visit an aquarium.  In Natural Attraction we learn about the relationship between the Golden Jellyfish and the Zooxanthellae Algae, as well as the life-cycle of the jellyfish itself.

I do love books where we are introduced to animals for the first time, and where I’m learning along with my 7 year old son.

It’s also no secret that we love our minibeasts.  My son particularly like the Monarch butterfly since we saw they on holiday in Portugal last year.  He’d not come across the Viceroy before though, and has been really interested to learn about how they mimic each other to keep predators at bay.

Natural Attraction

He also enjoys a bit of gore, so I knew that learning about blood suckers would go down well.

Natural Attraction

Natural Attraction is a lovely, factual read, filled with illustrations and it’s a great addition to our bookshelf.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below in case you’d like to order it for yourself.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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