Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books

I’m always on the look out for new ways to educate my son, without him really realising what he’s doing.  Although it would be fair to say that reading books and my son are not a match made in heaven, he definitely likes factual books.  Over the summer we’ve been learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books.  We’ve been looking at their books covering Science, the Human Body and the Solar System.

Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books

Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books is aimed at children aged 5-8 years of age, in a fun and engaging way.  You may recall that we looked at the Robots and Gadgets book previously.  We’ve been looking at three very different books from the series over the summer.

We’ve been learning with Factivity Explore, Experiment and Discover the World of Science which is crammed full of facts and activities.

Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books

The 128 page book covers a whole host of topics from looking at light and shade, colours and x-rays to magnetic earth, weather watch and what plants need to grow and survive.

There are mazes to complete as you learn about different types of energy – movement, light, thermal, electrical, chemical and sound.  We’ve looked at how telecommunications have changed over the years and how many calories you use as you sleep. It’s hard to believe that you use 600 calories per hour when you’re sound asleep isn’t it. There are simple experiments to complete and lots of fun to be had.  It’s an engaging book with engaging illustrations.

Factivity Your Amazing Body is a hardback book with 60 flaps throughout teaching children about their bodies.

Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books

My son has been really engaged with this book.  The 8 page board book is aimed at children aged 6-9 years as you work your way around your body, learning as you go.

My son has become a big fan of Operation Ouch! of CBBC over the summer holidays and this particular books works really well with the series.  He’s loved learning about the respiratory system and the digestive system and the book is full of easy to understand facts.

Learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books

He’s enjoyed learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books, but this particular book has been his favourite.

Next up we’ve been looking at Factivity Solar System, which contains a 68 page Space Book, poster, 4 star discs and a projector torch.

Aimed at children aged 5-8 years of age the Journey through Space book is again, crammed full of information about the solar system, the various planets, astronauts and the machines that go up into space.

As with the other Factivity books, there are experiments to complete, quizzes and other activities.  My son has decided that he’ll be looking at this book more closely in the months ahead.  Apparently he associates space with the clocks going back, don’t ask me why, darker nights maybe!  Anyway, when he decides the time is right, we’ll be making use of the torch as it projectors the 4 constellations onto walls.  So we can then learn where you can see The Plough, Taurus, Orion and Cygnus in the night sky too.  You can also make your own solar eclipse using the torch with the moon and earth discs provided,  The poster is double-sided, one side features the International Space Station and the other side shows the Solar System.

All together we’ve enjoyed learning with the Factivity range from Parragon Books.  The series makes learning fun and the books are well priced too.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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