Getting organised with Songmics – review and giveaway

I am desperate to sort my son’s things out, to define spaces and bring some sort of order to the chaos, this is our family home.  We’re short on space here and although my son has a double bedroom, he has to share his space with a large wardrobe full of his Dad’s clothes.  It’s not ideal, and once you’ve added my son’s bed, a bedside table and a chest of drawers, there isn’t much space for anything else.  I really wanted somewhere to put all of his chapter books in one place.  Somewhere he’d walk past all the time, somewhere where he could pull a book out and maybe, just maybe, start reading more independently.  I’ve been getting organised with Songmics and their 4 tier wooden bookcase.  It’s a perfect storage solution for our needs.

Getting organised with Songmics

I knew that I wanted some sort of bookcase to store my son’s books, but Songmics have a whole range of products available on Amazon, whether you’re looking for kitchen, garden or bathroom ideas.  We have an area at the top of our stairs on the landing that’s been a dead space for ages.  I’ve thought for ages that a bookcase would be a great idea, and something that my son could call his own, rather than sharing my bookcase in the spare room.

So I looked through the options that Songmics had available, measured the space that I had to use and decided that their 4 tier bookcase (affiliate link) in white would be perfect for our needs.  My order was placed through Amazon and delivery was swift.  I received the unit flat packed and well packaged, with clear instructions and no missing pieces (always a relief).

Each piece of the bookcase and each bag of components were clearly labelled and although it recommended the item as a two person build, I thought I’d try to put it together by myself.  Daddy P is rarely at home, and I was impatient to crack on.

The build was easy and, although it might have been slightly easier in places to have had another person around, I still got it assembled really quickly.

Getting organised with Songmics was going to be easier than I’d expected and I was really impressed with the finish to the book-case, for £22.99 it’s a bargain to my mind.

Getting organised with Songmics

The finished 4 tier bookcase measures 42.5cm wide x 107cm high x 29.5cm deep.  Each fixed shelf space is approx 25 cms, making the shelves perfect for my son’s collection of chapter books.

Getting organised with Songmics

The unit does come complete with fixings to secure it to the wall, so we’ll need to get the drill out for this, but otherwise you just need a cross head screwdriver to build the book-case.

I now feel like I’m getting organised with Songmics and my son has already sat on the landing reading a few of his books with me, so it’s a win win situation here.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

I’ve teamed up with Songmics to offer one lucky reader the chance to own a 4 tier bookcase in white, worth £22.99. Complete the Gleam form below to enter.

Getting organised with Songmics

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Songmics 4 tier bookcase in white worth £22.99

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257 thoughts on “Getting organised with Songmics – review and giveaway

  1. I think I would be keeping the bookcase for myself, I have piles of books with no home at the moment! As to what sort of books…..they’re an eclectic mix!

  2. This sounds awful lol but I’d keep it for myself as I have sooo many books it would be a massive help I have all genres of books from fantasy to crime etc. Looks really easy to build! And sturdy too

  3. I will share it with my children top shelves will some of my books and the lower shelves my children books. I will have it on our living room. I will have my book collection of Agatha Christie and Robert Harris .

  4. I would give it to our youngest as she is doing really well with her reading and received a whole set of Roald Dahl books for her birthday which would be the first books to go in the unit.

  5. I would love to win this for my son, he has all sorts of books to store in in, mostly David Walliams and Roald Dahl.

  6. My son Max for his books – just moved on from picture books , or I could use to tidy up all my crime novels

  7. I’d love for my nephews
    They are getting books from me for their birthdays
    I’ve got Winnie the pooh and Enid blyton so far – hopefully a few more too

  8. My collection of books is already using various overflows, so I’ll keep it myself. Most of my books are sporting related.

  9. very nice book shelf, I would store it in my daughter Heidi’s bedroom, She would put her Beatrix Potter books on it and her Roald Dahl collection.

  10. I will be giving it to my daughter, we are in the middle of changing bedrooms and this would be perfect 🙂 thanks for the chance xx

  11. my grandaughter who is a avid reader and who has a massive collection of books, 2 sets that will go on are narnia and horrible histories

  12. I would love to win for my five year old daughter, she has lots of educational, rhyme, character and story books so this would be perfect, thank you very much for the chance xXx

  13. This will be perfect for my daughter’s bedroom. The house is overflowing with her books right now, so will be great to have somewhere to store them! 😀

  14. I would keep it for our grandchildren’s toy and book corner (well the toy and book one wall, lol) a mix of my little pony books and magazines, Peppa Pig books and anything to do with art.

  15. My daughter. She is having her first child in November and being an avid book reader herself, the baby already has a sizeable collection.

  16. I would give this to my daughter and she would put in all her fiction and non fiction books and her collection of roald dahl books

  17. This bookcase would be perfect for my son’s bedroom and i’m sure he would put his set of How to Train Your Dragon books that he got for his birthday, all in order in it.

  18. Who will you give this bookcase to and what books are they likely to put on it? . . . . my grandsons . . . . they will put all their lovely reading books on it

  19. I would gift it to my nephew as me and my sister are doing a book advent calendar for him this year and this would be perfect to store those on!

  20. I would keep it for myself, got a ton of books in my cupboard (mostly Horror and Sci-fi). Would love to give them a better home.

  21. I would leave it on the landing so we could all use it. My youngest has box set of Roald Dahl & Horrible Histories that won’t fit on the shelves in her room as they are full so they would be first. Myself and my husband would put fantasy and war books on it

  22. I would give it to my 11 year old son who has recently started secondary school. It would give him a place to keep his many exercise books organised, with room to spare for his favorite reading books.

  23. I would keep it to store some of the many books I call Nan’s library. They have been collected over many years (starting with my own childhood) and I love to share them with my grandchildren

  24. I would keep this bookcase for myself. I have an extensive collection of books and have run out of bookcase space. I currently have 3 large piles of books on my bedside table so I need some more storage space!

  25. This would be ideal for organising my two year old’s books! He loves reading and Grandma is a librarian, so we have a few…

  26. i think id give it to my 16 yr old son who is doing exams at the moment so has loads of study books and school work so i feel it would be used for this or comic books of which my son is a huge fan and has a huge collection of. thanks for the chance at a great giveaway.

  27. i would give this to my daughter for her many many books, she collects Horrid Henty Books, and My little pony, and Barbie books

  28. I would definitely keep it for us to put my kids books in. We have loads stuffed in a box and in bags so this would come in handy

  29. This really would be perfect for my living room where my books are stacked here there and everywhere at the moment. Would be lovely to re-home them all together 🙂 x

  30. my 11 year old daughter phoenix, she has a lovely collection of books but sadly no where nice to show them off. her collections include maze runner series, hunger games series, harry potter, david walliams and jackaline wilson

  31. This would be perfect for my little bookworm’s room! My daughter would fill it with her Roald Dahl collection and her kids travel books.

  32. I would give this bookcase to my children for their bedroom as they have hundreds of books and I find it hard to give books away x

  33. I have literally been looking for this bookcase!!! I would put it in my little boys bedroom, we have sooo many books but no shelf space left for loads of them so they’re piled up next to his bed, This would be perfect and look great in his room! Thank you for the chance to win!

  34. I would gift it to my niece, perfect for the nursery she has just prepared for her daughter, due Nov. Baby books and cute cuddly toys will look great on it.

  35. The grandkids they adore books, we have a famous five lover, a Royal Dahl fan and a little pop up book fan. Soured we would fill it easily.

  36. I think it would be great for me or my son! He is a huge book worm (as am i) he loves the alex rider series,jacqueline wilson and david walliams books so im sure hed fill it with his mounds of books!
    I have loads so could easily fill it with my medical drama book obsession! x

  37. I’ll give it to my two daughters for their room – my youngest will put her bedtime stories on it, and my eldest will have a couple of shelves for her Roald Dahl/Jaqueline Wilson/David Walliams novels x

  38. This bookcase would go to my mum who would put her Open U course books on there. She is currently studying classical civilisation, so I’m sure there will be plenty of Euripides on there (as she stole my copies!)

  39. I would store all my husband’s books in it. He has some very old books like Nevil Shute and books about Lawrence of Arabia (T E Lawrence) etc.

  40. I’d put it in my sons room who was a large collection of marvel graphic novels that are just in a box under his bed! And I reckon I’ll be able to put that up myself!

  41. Would be perfect for my sons bedroom as his furniture white . We all love books in this family (three daughters) and so in building a nice collection for my two year old yet to save for a bookcase so thankyou for this chance !

  42. This would be put in the man cave for all him indoors car books, history books, horse racing books and (clean!) magazine collection

  43. I would be selfish for a change and give this bookcase to myself, as I love to read and have so many books but nowhere to store them except on top of my waldrobe. Thanks for the chance to win

  44. sorry forgot to mention the books I would put on it are mostly true stories and biographies which I like best as they are often about strength over adversity and help me put my own troubles into perspective

  45. I’d give it to my sister. She would fill it with gardening books. She’s planning on planting lots of veg next year. So fingers crossed for an actual summer

  46. This would be perfect for my son for all his home school books. He is always filling up all the shelves and bookcases bless him.

  47. This would be perfect for my niece to keep all her Harry Potter and David Walliams books
    Plus her school books in one place

  48. I would love this fabulous bookcase for my daughter’s bedroom. She loves books and reading, and I think she would keep all her fantasy themed books on this bookcase, with her decorations like Unicorns, Funko Pop figures and dragons!

  49. I’d give it to my 5 year old granddaughter. She loves books and they’re always stacked up on the bedroom floor so a bookcase would be great

  50. Now that is just what I was thinking about today. I would put it in our office, so the printer can go on top and use the bottom for books and other storage. It is great.

  51. This will go in Reuben’s room to make his books more accessible for him. He will put lots of Julia Donaldson books on the shelves, Superworm, the Gruffalo, Stick Man, the list goes on and on but he does love his books!

  52. I would keep the bookcase and put it on my landing like you have. I am a huge bookworm and have recently started collecting books that I loved from my childhood. So aswell as my sons books, I would also put the ones I have collected so far. Have managed to pick up some really old copies and the kids are fascinated with the cloth bound books.

  53. I would give this to my son Lewis, he would fill it with his encyclopaedias and other fact books and also his diary of a wimpy kid collection x

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