Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit

This year is zooming past at the speed of light and I cannot believe we are getting so close to December now.  I’ll have an eight year old before I know it and Christmas preparations will be in full swing.  I’ve been getting a few things organised already and this year I’ve decided that we will be making our own Christmas crackers.  My son won’t hear of anything Christmas related taking place until after his birthday, so I’ve been trying the Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit from the little crafty bugs company out while he’s not been around.

Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit

the little crafty bugs company supply a whole host of craft supplies for all the family to enjoy, and they’ve got some lovely Rosey Nosey Rudolph craft kits which particularly caught my eye.

My son, although almost eight years of age, is still very much a believer in all things Father Christmas, and he has a soft spot for reindeer.  So I know these Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Crackers are going to be a big hit with him.  I’ll, be getting to help me make one for him and his Daddy nearer the time, but I thought I’d get ahead of the game and try one out for myself.

In the Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit you receive enough materials to make 8 crackers.  The kit includes, cracker boards, snaps, jokes, paper hats, barrel wraps, red and brown pipe cleaners, googly eyes, red pom poms, bells and a roll of ribbon.

You don’t receive instructions with the kit itself, as there’s a video to watch via the website, but I’m old school, and a printed instruction leaflet would have been useful in my opinion.  You will need double-sided tape and glue as well as scissors to cut the pipe cleaners down for the antlers.  Sellotape is required to fix the snap in place, and a rolling-pin really does help to shape the cracker.

I followed the Youtube video and didn’t have any double-sided tape, so used a glue stick.

The Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit supplies are good quality and I found the crackers fairly easy to assemble.

When putting the Kraft Jingle & Wobble Rudolph Christmas Cracker Making Kit together, it’s worth already having decided what treats you will be adding to your crackers.  I’ve already bought some Christmas chocolates and a few ‘cracker’ toys to put inside mine.  These particular crackers are designed to stand up, so you need to make sure you aren’t filling them with anything too heavy or they will topple over.  A tipsy Rudolph just won’t do will it!

By the time I’d filled the cracker and used pipe cleaners to tie the two ends, I was really rather pleased with my Rosey Nosey Rudolph, but the googly eyes, antlers, bell and pom pom nose,  just make him come alive.

Isn’t he wonderful?  I’m really pleased with the finished result and I can see my son will really enjoy personalising his crackers too.  the little crafty bugs company have a large range of crackers available, including a range of different types of Rudolph crackers.  Pop over to their website for more information, along with pricing and delivery information.

disclosure:  we received the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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