Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone

I may not be the biggest tech geek in the world but as you all know I love taking photographs, whether it be with my DSLR or my iPhone.  I’ve been looking at a couple of smart phone tech ideas with Paladone recently as they’ve sent me the Discovery Channel Smart Phone Telescope and Smart Phone Microscope sets to try out.

Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone

This is a review of two halves, as I haven’t got on so well with one of these items.  But I’ll start with the Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope.

The microscope comes with 3 x AG batteries, full instructions are included and it’s aimed at anyone aged 8 years and over.

This has been a big hit here and is top of our Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone.  The lens has a 30x zoom and will be great for my little bug hunter to get up close and personal with insects we find in the garden in warmer weather.

In the meantime I’ve been putting it to the test around the house to see if the magnification and clarity of image really is as good as the box says. You open the spring clamp on the microscope and fit it over the camera on your smart phone.

Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone

Turn your camera on and you will see the microscope surround in the first instance, zoom in your photo shot and it disappears.

Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone

For £9.99 I’m really pleased with the results of the Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope.

We’d been so impressed with this product, I had high hopes for the Discovery Channel  Smart Phone Telescope.

This set comes with a 11.5cm telescope with a 10x zoom, tripod stand and phone cradle, lens cloth but sadly not the instructions the box said it should contain.  I’ve not been able to track down any online either so I’m really not convinced I’ve got the best out of this particular item.
Smart Phone Tech ideas with Paladone
Once out together you should be able to use the blue focussing ring to bring clarity to your shot.  But I’ve found that as soon as I try to move the focus ring, the whole telescope moves, moving it away from my phone camera.  I’ve also found the tripod not to be particularly stable once the telescope has been attached to my phone which hasn’t given me a great deal of confidence when using it to be honest.
For £19.99 I was rather disappointed really, it’s been interesting comparing smart phone tech ideas with Paladone, and I’d definitely recommend the Discovery Channel Smart Phone Microscope. Paladone have a whole host of products to choose from, and not just for the tech fans in your house.
disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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