Personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks

Christmas celebrations have changed so much since I was a child.  I don’t remember there even being Advent Calendars with chocolates behind the doors!  We had the same calendar every year and my brother and I always fought over who got to open the last door, even though we knew exactly what was behind it. Apart from being über excited that Santa would have arrived the next morning, I don’t remember the evening before involving anything more than leaving out a mince-pie, carrot and a dram of whisky before we headed off for bed.  But times have changed, and over the last couple of years, when Berry the Elf leaves us to return to the North Pole, he’s left a few goodies for my son to enjoy.  This year, those treats will be delivered in a personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks.

Personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks

I’ve used random storage solutions before but really wanted a more permanent idea for this new family tradition.  With grandparents living in Spain and one of his cousins being in New Zealand now, I liked the idea of the World Travel Christmas Eve Box that Santa Sacks offers.

Personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks

With this particular personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks you have a character limit of 9 letters, which was fine for us, but if you want a longer name or to add a surname, then there are other designs available.  As my son is now 8, I also wanted a design that was a bit more grown up for him.

The box itself is big enough to fit lots of Christmas Eve treats in, including some larger paperback books.  The overall dimensions are 21 x 28 x 14cm.

Personalised Christmas Eve box from Santa Sacks

The boxes are meant to include a Magic Key, our’s didn’t, but that doesn’t really bother me as we already have that element of how Santa delivers the presents covered! The finish is good and I’m sure my son is going to love his new personalised Christmas Eve box from personalised Christmas Eve box.

These boxes are normally priced at £22.99, but are currently reduced to £9.99.  Delivery costs £3.95 with a 3-5 working day transit time.  So there’s still time to grab a bargain before the big day! Santa Sacks also supply a range of personalised Santa Sacks which are also currently reduced to £7.95 each.

disclosure:  we received the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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