Tell people that you love them

My son has gone back to school today, and I could quite easily go back to bed and ignore the mountains of washing that I need to catch up on! but of course, I won’t.  The last few days have been draining and I think I might finally be succumbing to the cold that everyone else seems have come down with over the last month.  I’ve known my oldest friend for forty-two years, we met at Middle School in Surrey, and have been through three marriages, two births and a lifetime of memories together.  Yesterday I was really reminded how important it is to tell people that you love them.

Why?  Well yesterday we said goodbye to her father.  He was a lovely, warm and funny man.  He’d always made me feel welcome within his family and I have lots of happy memories of him from my childhood.  He had the same sense of humour as my own Dad and he was my friend’s hero, just as much as my Dad is and always will be mine.  I’ve watch two partners say their final goodbye’s to their fathers, I’ve seen and felt their pain and obviously shared in it too.  But seeing that pain in someone’s face that I’ve known for all but a few years of my own life, that was heartbreaking.  I could only provide hugs, words and a steady shoulder.  It will never seem enough, but hopefully in the weeks and months to come, it will help, a bit.

Tell people that you love them

As I drove home yesterday from Hampshire I was hit by an overwhelming need to call my Dad and tell him how much I love him.  Mum too, obviously. Good job nobody could see me driving home, the tears were flowing freely.  Got home and my son was very pleased to see me, hugs and kisses followed.  A lovely welcome home indeed.  I just need to call Gramps.  So there I was sitting on my son’s bed ringing my Dad, blubbering away.

He knows I love him, he loves me too.  I know, but I just needed to say it, out loud, because I can.  I’m lucky, others aren’t.  I don’t take that for granted, but perhaps I did just need that reminder to tell people that you love them.  My friend did get to tell her Dad that she loved him before he passed away and I know that will help her in the weeks to come.  I tell my son every time he goes to bed that he is loved, and he’s a very loving little boy too.  Well except on the first day back to school when I’m the cruelest mother in the world for making him leave his Lego and trains for a whole six hours!

Three words, so much meaning, use them.

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