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I’m joining in with Living Arrows for the first time, looking back each week at a moment with my son.  I’ve been a bit slack this week for a number of reasons and this was the only shot I have with only my son in it, so this one is my starting point.
Not being a fussy eater - Living Arrows
New Years Day always means a three course meal for us, and also three people having slightly different starters.  My son certainly doesn’t get his fussy eating traits from me! I enjoyed avocado with prawns, seafood sauce and cayenne pepper for an added kick.  My now 8 year old son still can’t be persuaded that avocado should actually ever be eaten.  It’s pretty much the only food that he has never touched, right back from the weaning days.  But he does like prawns, but not king prawns, and he likes them with mayonnaise, not mixed in with them, oh no, just drizzled on top.  But I’ll take that. Eating with my son has sometimes been a rather stressful and certainly not enjoyable.  But slowly, slowly, he’s broadening his horizons and accepting that there is more to life than margherita pizza. I should have captured a photo of my fussy eater devouring his roast duck dinner without a word of complaint, but I was too amazed to even think about that!  May be 2018, and him being a grown up eight year old now, will be a turning point in his eating habits.  Could this be the year of sauces and gravy??  I live in hope.
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16 thoughts on “Not being a fussy eater – Living Arrows

  1. I remember you talking about his fussy eating before but it’s great that he’s branching out and trying new things – I’m impressed that he eats prawns! x

  2. That starter sounds amazing and would be something I would pick! I hope his eating habits do change for you, it would make life a lot easier! Our Monkey has seemingly doing things the other way round and constantly becoming more and more fussy. I am hoping its just a phase! #LivingArrows

  3. He definitely sounds like he’s being adventurous to me. Luckily my two aren’t too bad with food – although the 4 year old doesn’t like ‘messy food’ – sauces and gravy are OK though, as long as they’re just on the side and he can dip his food in them! #LivingArrows

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