Getting creative with GEOMAG

Getting creative with GEOMAG – review and giveaway #geomagworld

Having an 8 year old son who loves building things I just knew he’d enjoy getting creative with GEOMAG and their range of magnetic construction sets.  We’ve recently been sent two different types of GEOMAG sets to try out, offering different challenges and they’ve both been a big hit here.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

Both sets are aimed at children aged 5 years and over.

The GEOMAG Mechanics 86 piece set comes with a range of components to construct three different moveable models – 24 non-magnetic metal spheres, 17 metal blue magnetic rods, 1 indicator rod, 1 square panel, 2 tubes, 13 washers, 12 feet for washers, 12 linear bars, 1 square for bearing, 1 cage for bearing, 1 plate and 1 cone as well as clear instructions.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

My son couldn’t wait to get started and was soon getting creative with GEOMAG as he tried to put together one of the models.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

The plastic components cleverly slot into each other to create the various structures and my son had soon worked out how her needed to put them together.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

Gone are the days when my help is needed with anything new that arrives for us to try.  I’m just there to offer guidance and advice from afar.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

As my son constructed one of the models he soon realised that he really needed to think about weight and balance as he progressed with the build.  He also learnt about magnetic forces as he soon realized that the indicator rod (with the red band) could be used to make the magnetic rods move backwards and forwards by identifying the magnetic north and south poles of the rods.

He loved the idea that the steel spheres could be held in place purely by magnetic forces.  A little bit of magic whilst learning a bit about science.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

My son absolutely loves this set, and the whole idea of creating motion.

He’d soon set aside the instructions and set to work on his own creations.  The possibilities with this set are endless and I can see it being used a lot in the years to come.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

From a storage point of view I would like to see this set come in an easily resealable main storage box as well as including resealable plastic storage bags for the various components inside.  It’s my only criticism of this particular set from a parent’s point of view.

Getting creative with GEOMAG and the 192 piece GEOMAG Panels set offers different build potential, focussing more on structures and shapes than motion.  The set comes with 65 green rods, 50 non-magnetic steel spheres, 2 blue platforms and 1 green pentagonal platform as well as 74 blue, light blue and green plastic panels in triangles, squares and pentagons.

With this set the outer box is sealable and plastic storage bag is also resealable.  The majority of the rods and steel spheres are stored in three polystyrene boxes.  The lids of these boxes are a little tight and my son needed me to open them, and I couldn’t do it without breaking bits of each lid off in the process.  But the lids do still fit back on, keeping everything secure once construction time is over.

I can see this set going down really well in the classroom at school, as children are able to make 2D models of shapes ranging from triangles and pentagons, right through to 3D models of octahedrons and dodecahedrons.  This is a set that will really come into play with my son as he moves through Key Stage Two I think.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

You can make shapes with or without using the shaped panels.  There is a certain amount of patience required with these builds to ensure the shapes stay in place.

My son has certainly found this set slightly more challenging but he has enjoyed playing with the polarities and trying to put together shapes he’s been learning about at school.  The plates are good for holding shapes together so you can move them more easily.

You can also use the snap in panels to help with construction.

There is a bit of a knack to getting these in place, and the various shapes will work on manual dexterity, but you can make some great structures using them.

Getting creative with GEOMAG

My son definitely needed a bit more help with the larger shape constructions but he loved the finished pieces.  The GEOMAG Panels set is very clever and as I’ve said, before, I can really see this set coming in to play as my son moves up into higher KS2.

Getting creative with GEOMAG has endless possibilities and these sets will be used over and over again I’m sure in the next few years.  The sets certainly tick all the boxes with regards to STEM learning and I’m going to be talking to my son’s teacher to see if she’d like to borrow the GEOMAG Panels set for the Year 3/4 class to try out after the holidays.

The GEOMAG range is available in Smyths and The Entertainer and I’ve also included my Amazon Affiliate links below for your reference.  To view the whole range then I can recommend looking at the GEOMAG website and their Youtube channel.


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GEOMAG Panels 192 piece set worth £90.00

226 thoughts on “Getting creative with GEOMAG – review and giveaway #geomagworld

  1. I think my Godson would enjoy playing with this. I’m not sure which shapes he would make, maybe ones he has learnt at school. My daughter would help him.

  2. Mechanics set – GREAT for lucas to learn and help his maths by gaining confidence in a subject he struggles with

  3. I love things like this! Used to play Knex all the time as a kid. We love making cars and spaceships for the toys to ride round in.

  4. I think they will make masks and spectacles, the pieces look just right for that, to incorporate into their dressing up games.

  5. What shapres will your children enjoy making most with this set and why?
    as my grandson is very creative he will enjoy experimenting with a whole range of shapes

  6. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  7. My son would probably make a cube, a big one! He likes to make cubes with knex as he finds them easy to put together

  8. I would love to win this for my nephew as he loves this sort of thing and I think he would love trying o make vehicles from them

  9. I think my daughter would use them to spell words, she is in reception year at school and learning to read. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  10. I am not sure it depends on what they are doing but I am sure they will have lots of fun inventing shapes x

  11. Probably simple box shapes to start with then might get more confident to do other shapes the more he plays with it.

  12. I would give this to my Niece and Nephew, and I think they would enjoy making their Minecraft creations real, and then playing with them, such a creative toy I love it!

  13. My sons ADHD makes him very creative so he’d probably not make any conventional shaped and just rock his own thing 🙂 He loves making spaceships so he’ll probably make those

  14. These look like fantastic sets. I think my girl would love them. I think she would make a spaceship as she has been learning a lot about space at school lately x

  15. My son Noah has ASD and his favourite shape to make with everything is cubes so I think he would make lots of cubes

  16. My daughter would do something with triangles & pyramids – as she tells me they are the strongest shapes!

  17. my son likes to push himself and be quite inventive so he`ll probably try to makes shapes that may have circles or spheres in them

  18. my nephew would be fascinated to learn about the magnetic systems and he would absolutely love this

  19. I think cubes would be a favourite here because they can fill them with their other toys or make a tower with them.

  20. My boys would love to make any shapes that you give them the instructions to. They love to copy the ideas . Amazing giveaway fingers crossed

  21. My son loves making houses with lego at the moment, he would probably make squares and rectangles lol!

  22. Grandson is into pirates at the moment, so if it was possible he would make something related to this

  23. Both my kids would love these sets , they are always building and creating. My son is currently learning a lot about hexagons and octogans , so he has been drawing and using them in lots of different things at the moment.

  24. I think my daughter would probably enjoy making little houses and buildings with these the most.

  25. My son has a small set of these and he loves making sphere shapes as there are so many different combinations they keep him quiet for hours.

  26. They would enjoy making spheres because this could lead to greater building possibilities than traditional building blocks

  27. M son would love these, They look awesome. I imagine he would build as complicated shape as he could such as a dodecahedron..

  28. My daughter would make diamonds and gem shapes because she likes to collect gem stones at the moment.

  29. My grandson loves playing with Geomag he builds lots of things from them his favourites are trains and boats. This is an amazing set which I’m sure he’d love.

  30. My 8 year old daughter loves to build, she would probably attempt to make a stable for her toy horses

  31. Our little ones are pretty creative so I think they would have a go at all kinds of shapes. Triangles seem the easiest so I think they would start with them, but coming out with words like rhombus at 7 (youngest) I can imagine them really getting inventive.

  32. My son loves shapes so he would try and make lots of different ones
    He is particularly into hexagons at the moment.

  33. I think my grandson would love making garages and car parks for his collection of toy cars . Thanks for the chance to be your lucky winner

  34. My oldest has a thing for bins so I imagine he would make some sort of a bin shaped thing and my youngest would probably try and make a house. Nice giveaway! These were on my list of things to get for Xmas but other stuff got bought instead

  35. My youngest has hyper mobility and really struggles with Lego etc and hopefully this would be easy and fun for him! I think he’d like to build a house or a spaceships!

  36. She’s really into planets at the moment, so I would think that’s the shape she would try to make

  37. probably he would make cubes and stack them into a towers first, but then will experiment all sorts of shapes

  38. My son would probably want to make every shape. I think dinosaurs would be very high as would octagons! He loves those at the minute

  39. My granddaughter would make homes for her little figures and probably little baskets to carry them around in

  40. The 4 year old some kind of jail for his spiderman and batman baddies, the 7 year old a football going by his current obsession

  41. I’m sure my daughters would love playing about with the magnets. My youngest has been telling me all about polarities as she’s learnt about it at school. I think they’d like trying to make a bridge or a tower.

  42. My boys have made geodesic domes and eco houses for an engineering project at school recently, I’m sure they’d love to try and recreate them with these Geomag panels if possible

  43. My kids will build towers – they love to build towers – and then my 2 year old loves to go and knock them over when the others aren’t looking!

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