Bugs! – An Animal Planet Chapter Book – review and giveaway

It’s no big secret that we love insects here and I’m a big fan of the Animal Planet Chapter Book series, so when I spotted that they’ve released a Bugs! book, I just knew we had to take a closer look. Published by Liberty Street and distributed via GMC Distribution, this is the third book in the series.


This series of books are great for children who like their facts and are aimed at children aged 6-10 years of age.  Bugs! is a 112 page paperback chapter book, filled with information on sorts of insects as well featuring coloured photographs throughout.

The book starts by showing children the different parts of an insect’s body that are shared across a number of species. My 8 year old son is aware of what a thorax and abdomen are, having spent time with his bug hunting Gramps but even he was amazed to learn that there are over 10 quintillion (that’s a lot of zero’s) insects in the world today. Also, did you know that insects have five different parts to their legs?  Bugs! is full of fascinating facts for young and old to enjoy learning together.

We’ve learned a lot about the life cycle of butterflies from rearing caterpillars and the book explained the process in more details for insects as a whole.

From dragonflies to mosquitoes, beetles and water boatmen, the Bugs! book is crammed full of information for mini bug hunters to enjoy.  Priced at £4.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference as this is a really great little series of books for Key Stage Two children to enjoy.  Next week I’ll be sharing book four in the series with you, and that’s called Snakes!  You’ve been warned.

disclosure:  we have been sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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Bugs! Animal Planet Chapter book worth £4.99

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88 thoughts on “Bugs! – An Animal Planet Chapter Book – review and giveaway

  1. I like Ladybirds, I kept one as a pet when I was a child until my mum told me the rhyme about the ladybird who had to fly home as her house was on fire, I panicked and released her :)))

  2. I try hard to provide insect-loving plants in my tiny garden and enjoy seeing butterflies land on them. There are some beautiful British butterflies.

  3. What’s your favourite insect and why?
    the bumble bee . . . . they defy the law that says it is impossible for them to fly

  4. I don’t like spiders, but I love the look of the peacock spider, they are very colourful and they do a funny looking dance

  5. for me it’s a ladybird, while my son loves insects, I freak out!! But with a ladybird I’m fine, I think because they are pretty to look at

  6. I have huge respect and admiration for the Dung Beetle who seems to have been dealt a rather tough hand in life and is one of the few creatures that shovels more poo 😉 than me on a daily basis. x

  7. Our favourite insect is the dung beetle as dung beetles are one of the few groups of insects that exhibit parental care for their young.

  8. Bees are my favourite. They are so important to our ecology. If we don’t protect the bees we wont have our natural pollinators and so our plant life will decline which will have a knock on effect on our food chain.

  9. My favourite insect is the Praying Mantis! It is an absolutely fascinating insect! They can see in 3-D, they are masters of disguise, they are prey for bats and have an amazing way of trying to fight back, by using the bats echolocation!

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