Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair #MyTRONO

Hasn’t the weather been wonderful recently?  I don’t know about you, but a little bit of sunshine here, lifts my spirits no end.  Whilst we are happy to get outdoors whatever the weather, it’s rather preferable to have a little warmth and sun along the way.  We’ve even got the chance to spend some time in the back garden relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair.
Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair
The TRONO inflatable chair was launched last year.  It’s lightweight, portable and a lot of fun, it even comes in its own carry bag, , removable cover, instructions and a repair patch, should you need it.  It’s made from triple coated nylon and is water-resistant.  We received the beige adult TRONO, it’s also available in blue, grey, orange and green.
Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair
Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair
Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair doesn’t even involve a pump, making it great to use when camping, on the beach or any outdoor adventure.  You basically unpack your TRONO from its bag, open it up, hold the end open and twist it around you to inflate it.  Pull the end shut quickly, fold it over and clap it shut as this video shows.

Now I have to be honest I haven’t found it quite as easy as the video to inflate our TRONO, but that’s probably more to do with my technique and the fact we’ve got a fairly narrow garden with large shrubs, making swinging the TRONO round a bit tricky.
But, saying that I’ve inflated it enough to be able to spend time relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair in the back garden this last weekend.
Each TRONO comes with a removable suede cover, which zips to the top of the inflatable chair.

You can also buy additional covers, a protective base and ground pegs which attach to the bottom of the TRONO through fabric loops.

I was soon relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair in a matter of minutes.

Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair

And it didn’t take my eight year old son long before he was taking ownership!

Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair

Luckily for him (and me!) TRONO are nearing the end of a successful Kickstarter campaign to launch a junior version of the TRONO.  It will have the same features as my adult version, but is kid sized and will have more fun designs available.

copyright: TRONO
The Kickstarter campaign for the TRONO Junior reached its target within 48 hours of going live, so we’re really looking forward to this now going into production when the campaign comes to an end in the next few days.  Then we won’t have to fight to see who gets to sit on the adult version we currently have.
When it’s time to pack up the TRONO inflatable chair, you unclip the fastening, the air naturally escapes, roll it up and pack it away in its travel bag.  It’s quick and easy to do, and I left the cover in place as well.
Relaxing with the TRONO inflatable chair
For more information about TRONO, pricing and delivery please pop over to their website.
disclosure:  We have received an adult TRONO and will receive a junior version once produced in exchange for an honest review.

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