Sports Day in Year Three

If you’ve followed the blog for a few years you may well remember the distress we’ve had here over Sports Day in the past.  It’s been my son’s least favourite day of the school year since he joined Nursery class aged 4.  Last year that was a little change, he joined in and won his races, but the build up had still been rather unsettled.  How would he deal with Sports Day in Year Three?  Would my nerves cope with the roller coaster ride he takes me on each year?

This year has been different.  Things are most definitely changing with my son.  Cub Camp has certainly helped him in with his confidence over the last month. but generally, my eight year old son is getting just that little bit braver.  He’s talking more in company, and sometimes he even tries new things without a backwards glance.  Sports Day in Year Three has seen him actually getting excited.  A first for us. He’s been full of all the gossip from the practice sessions and even told me that he was winning some of his practice races.

There hasn’t been a mention of not going to school on Sports Day.  There have been no tears.  It’s been a bit of a revelation to be frank.  It’s all been very calm.  We had a tiny wobble about his t-shirt yesterday.  He needed to wear yellow and I bought him a larger sized giraffe t-shirt last year.  Once I’d shown him a picture of him wearing that before, he was fine.  He was ready to go.

This morning I looked on, as he and his best friend raced circuits round my sofa, their Sports Day preparation apparently.  There was plenty of banter about which house was going to win, luckily the boys are in the same house.  It was going to be our first afternoon Sports Day, with the year Four, Five and Six children.  We’d get to have a picnic lunch together and then he’d join his house for the rest of the afternoon.  I told him this morning, that it didn’t matter where he came, just taking part was the wonderful thing, and enjoying it.  Kissed him goodbye and said I’d see him at lunchtime.

We had our lunch, he spotted his best friend and that was it, see you later Mummy, and he was off.  Yes, he’s definitely growing up.  It’s lovely to watch.  The bell rang and off he went to his classroom.  Good luck I called. Then they were all bringing their chairs out, sitting under the gazebos with their houses.  Ready to go.

I watched on, I watched a boy who was confident, happy and clearly enjoying himself.  I watched a child who has changed so much. He joined his line ready to start the sprint race.

Sports Day in Year Three

On your marks, get set, go!

Sports Day in Year Three

He was off, determined, focussed and clearly still having fun.

Sports Day in Year Three

He won, and was clearly chuffed to bits.

His second race included the dab, flossing and hula hoops!

Sports Day in Year Three

Sports Day in Year Three

Sports Day in Year Three

This time around he won again, but hadn’t realised and was busy chatting away to his best friend as they walked back to their house group.  Finally he heard his name being called and he headed back to the top spot on the podium.

Sports Day in Year Three

Sports Day in Year Three was a wonderful success.  I’m so proud of my son, the winning was fab, but the wanting to join in and the joy on his face throughout the afternoon, that was the most important thing.  It’s been one hell of a journey with him with regards to Sports Day and today has just been wonderful.  A perfect kind of day.

Have your kids had their Sports Day yet?  Lovers or loathers?

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6 thoughts on “Sports Day in Year Three

  1. Great to hear he enjoyed it so much. N likes sports day, the team spirit and the chance to race. But he gets disappointed because he knows he’s in the tougher race of the 2 his year are split into. He did come 3rd in the egg and spoon race, but it was nearly 1st (and should have been at least 2nd given that his friend who won was captured in my photo picking up his dropped egg by hand and not with the spoon. Unfortunately, N’s playing by the rules saw him pipped at the post.

  2. Ahh! It is so lovely to see your boy happy and joining in with sports day. I remember him struggling over the years. He has gained so much confidence over the last year!
    We had our sports day on Friday and my girl had a great time and won some races. x

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