Project 365 2018 Week 37

Project 365 2018 Week 37

Project 365 2018 Week 37 Days 252 – 258

Sunday 9th September – Day 252

Project 365 2018 Week 37

I’m going to be working on a campaign next week which is trying to stimulate children to read. I’ll be talking about a series of books we’ve been reading about steam trains and to tie in with that we got to spend the day on the Severn Valley Railway.  It’s somewhere we haven’t been for a few years and my son loved every minute of his day.

Monday 10th September – Day 253

Project 365 2018 Week 37

The start of the first full week in Year Four.  The whole school was doing a dress up as a Historical Figure day where the children also had to write a few facts about the person they’d chosen.  My son isn’t a fan of dressing up for school so I knew we’d have to be creative to make him feel that he could join in.  We’ve spoken about it on and off during the school holidays and finally agreed that Sir Nigel Gresley (google him and you’ll know why he was picked!!) would involve limited dressing up but was someone who my son actually admires. Success.

I had a good morning at work and felt like I’d achieved something in the two hours I was there.  Everything was looking good until school pick up time.

My son came home with a letter telling us he’s been put on the SEN register at school.  It was a bit of a shock really, yes, he’s always had additional TA support right from the start.  He’s always done everything in his own time.  This seems like another level and that I must have missed something, there must be something else.  A lovely group of friends gave me some feedback on their experiences and I’ll be asking to talk to someone at school in the morning.

First night back at Cubs and that wasn’t a great success to start with either.  I’d left my son in the hall, and then saw him running past me down the path!  Finally got him back in the hall and with a lot of coaxing we sat down with everyone else.  The old Akela was there for the evening and she helped him to settle and me to leave.  Of course, when I picked him up he was full of smiles and chat and had enjoyed himself.

I might have bought a bottle of wine, a glass after he’d gone to bed was needed!

Tuesday 11th September – Day 254

Project 365 2018 Week 37

My son woke up telling me he didn’t want to go to school. They are trying Tag Rugby today for the first time.  It really helped when his best friend said he wasn’t looking forward to it either.  We all spoke about what they’d be doing as we walked to school and they happily walked into school.  Fingers crossed it goes ok.

I got to have a quick chat with the SEN Coordinator at school which has still left me with lots of questions and I’ve requested that a school reading book needs to come home today.  Apparently there will be a meeting in a couple of weeks to explain things to a group of us.  I know it’s a good thing that if he needs extra help that he’s going to get it.  It doesn’t stop you feeling that you’ve somehow failed though, and worrying about what the future holds for your son.

The reading book didn’t come home, my son decided to leave it at school – sigh!

I decided that a glass of wine was called for after my son had gone to bed and I cracked on with the detailing on the cross stitch Christmas stocking I’m making for my great-niece.

Wednesday 12th September – Day 255

Project 365 2018 Week 37

Having his best friend walk to school with him makes mornings so much easier here with my son.Watching the two of them walk into school together without a backwards glance, it’s bittersweet but all part of growing up.

After school, still no reading book.

After dinner my son asked to get the paints out as he wanted to finish painting a plaster letter that he’d bought on a trip to Blists Hill Victorian Town in the summer.  We then finally got round to updated our Mummy and Me handprints.  He’s swapped sides and is definitely catching me up. Big difference from 2013 and 2015!

Thursday 13th September – Day 256

Project 365 2018 Week 37

My spare room has looked like a bomb site for longer than I care to actually acknowledge.  Time to sort some of my son’s stuff and sell what isn’t used any more.  Listing on Facebook sites and then waiting for people not to show up.  Thankfully everyone who was coming today, actually has.

Got to have a Facetime catch up with my youngest niece in NZ which was nice.

The sun shone on the walk home from school and we stopped to admire a glider flying high above us.  Can you spot it?

Friday 14th September – Day 257

Project 365 2018 Week 37

The duvet thief was back bright and early and then struggled to wake up for school.

I had a good morning at work but my last employer put me on the wrong tax code so my new one has told me I’ll have to sort it out with the tax office.  Grrr, the joy of holding for them, getting cut off mid conversation. But it does mean I’ll be getting a rebate at some point.

No homework! Although looking at the class newsletter this isn’t going to be the norm, but we’ll enjoy the lack of arguments over it whilst we can.

Saturday 15th September – Day 258

Project 365 2018 Week 37

We’re having a quiet morning at home as I’ve got a couple of people coming to collect things we’re selling.  My son has decided it’s the perfect time to do some house remodelling.  When I look at his toys, and he does have a lot, it’s the Playmobil/Lego/Tractors and wooden castle and airport sets that have really given us the best value for money over the years.  They really are well-loved.

We’re off to my Dad’s cousin’s 80th birthday party this afternoon.  Daddy P is meant to be finishing work early as it’s an afternoon party and quite some distance from home.  He’s bound to be late and then we will be in the hands of the M25.  Wish me luck!

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19 thoughts on “Project 365 2018 Week 37

  1. I’m surprised the school didn’t speak to you in advance to tell you they wanted to apply for SEN, I know N’s teacher spoke to me ahead of planning for SATs about a profile they wanted to put in for N for support to have someone sit with him in his SATs to make sure he read the papers properly. People have said it’s quite hard to get SEN statements, but our school had nearly a third of the year stated as SEN in the year 6 SATs. I was amazed by how high a proportion that was, but it was for anything from dyslexia to anxiety as far as I could tell. If it means the children get extra support in the classroom I think it’s a great opportunity to get focused support. Hope the school clear it up for you and it works out for Monkey.

    So jealous that you’ve had no homework yet. N got upset at school on Friday about getting something wrong in class – he’s certainly feeling swamped and that there’s just too much coming at him at the moment. And it’s not helped by them having to stay in at break to finish things. I’m not sure I agree with that as the kids need a good break. Speaking to other mums though, at least the homework tasks are coming home to us, because 2 mums have said their children don’t write down what the homework is and the parents find out 2-3 days later after it was due in! They’re not used to writing their own homework diary – thankfully N follows instructions easily.

    1. It’s all very confusing, all my friends keep asking me is what’s he’s been diagnosed with – noone has mentioned any diagnosis for anything.

      I have to say I think the amount of homework N is getting is totally mad, there’s no way my son would do that. Plus in year 2/3 all his homework tasks were typed up and the kids just glued them in their homework books to bring home. Seems like your school is getting them ready for Secondary school from a very young age – might not be a bad thing but it would be a disaster here

  2. I’d be quite concerned if my son told me he’d been placed on the SEN register without any information being passed to me first, I think you should let the school know this to make sure you receive information ahead of monkey, especially the way he processes information at times and needs you to reassure him of changes to his routine. No need to google dressing up day, it’s obvious, something to do with trains, am I right? is there cake?

  3. I think the school didn’t handle it well, putting Monkey on SEN support without discussing it first with you. I imagine it was quite a shock for you, and please do not think you’ve failed as a parent. Saying that, having extra support could be a big bonus. I work as a volunteer at school once a week, and have observed the SEN support in E’s class. I cannot fault them, they ease the schooling process for children who find it difficult to follow the lesson structure otherwise.
    Eddie is very unhappy to go back to school at the moment. They have changed the class again, mixing up children from two classes, and he finds it difficult to adjust to a new class dynamics. I don’t know why they think it’s a good idea. He struggled with that last year, and it takes him a long time to get to know people.
    Love your cross-stitch.

  4. Well done to your son for dressing up….I know how much he usually hates it.
    I wouldn’t worry about your boy being on the SEN register at school. My youngest is for her hearing loss and it means she just gets a little extra help with everything and the teachers have to be made aware of her struggles. It does sound like the school haven’t handled it too well. x

  5. Hope the party and the M25 went well! That must have been a shock to hear about the SEN register without any discussion in advance. But, as others have said, it’s a positive because he will get a bit of extra support to help him thrive. We’ve had similar with my eldest, but that was at secondary school. They’d assessed him as being eligible to use a laptop in exams, which means he must have been diagnosed with something, but they never bothered to consult us or talk to us about it.
    Love the handprints – his hands are definitely catching you up!

  6. That’s what ours was last year. Just worksheets printed out, or typed up and stuck in. N loves having the homework diary though. Thankfully today, apart from reading, we think it will be homework free as he did his 10 spelling sentences yesterday. He’s finding his writing and spelling so much easier so that’s quicker, although still slapdash, but it’s the thinking what to write that takes him sooooo long.

    With Monkey, it could just be the extra encouragement he needs or helping him cope with change as things start ramping up rather than anything specific. And it allows the schools to get extra TAs and support as well. Hope the discussion was/is helpful in finding out more.

  7. Shame about the way you found out about SEN but I hope it works out ok for him in the long run.
    Spotted the glider, might have thought it was a bird had you not said.
    Hate when you offer things and people say they will turn up and don’t, even more annpoying when you have turned other people down for it.

  8. Bee has got some homework (Year 1) …its more crafty projects like make a counting game….but I hate crafts and she already has so much going on with Karate, rainbows and arabic that I don’t know how I am going to fit it all in and also give her some chill time!

    I have no experiences with SEN but surely they should have spoken to you rather than send a letter home unexpectedly! But hope it all gets sorted and any help needed is given.

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